Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bean's Birthday!

Yesterday Gillyan turned 6! Steve and I are both in a little shock that our first "baby" is in school, having loose teeth and turning 6. If you know me well at all you probably know that birthdays are BIG are my house. You are King/Queen of the Castle for the day. What ever you say goes from what we eat to where we go. Gillyan took full advantage of this for the first time this year. In previous years she was to young to realize the full power of "birthday girl" but made up for it this year!

She started her day off with breakfast in bed, a beautiful tradition started by my mother. We (her dad, brother and I) entered her room with this tray singing Happy Birthday.

The pink enevlope on her tray was a princess card from her great-Grams and Gramps and had twenty dollars in it! She proceeded to clutch it and dance around the room singing! Gillyan then informed us that her plan for the day was to go to Target so she could spend her money at the dollar spot:) She then put on one of my least favorite outfits and I bit my tongue as she put on shoes that didn't match and insisted I not do her hair, after all she was the birthday princess. Then we headed to Target. To give her a little credit she didn't spend all her money on "junk", she bought something for her brother and then bought a barbie. However to give you idea what she will do if you if you send her money I have included the following pic of her treasures from the dollar spot.
After spending some of her cash we headed to her choice for lunch, Whataburger. Then we were off to shop some more(are you noting the Riddle gene here:). Then we headed home for a little while and rounded out the day with presents from her dad and I and ice cream at Dairy Queen. She would rather have ice cream any day than cake! She was thrilled that her last present of the day was a card from Grammy and Grampa Doc that had a Target gift card! She was bugging us already after church today to go to Target so she could "use her debit card from Grammy".

Here are a few more pics of Gilly Beans Big Day


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to Gillyan! If it had been my girls and I gave them a choice, we'd spend the day at either the park or Chuck E. Cheese. So, around my house you're only queen for about 3 hours :)

Inspired 2 Smile said...

Instead of receiving presents all at once, our kiddos delight in discovering packages in unexpected places throughout the day. It's hilarious as the older ones are now able to come up with the schemes to lead the supposedly unexpecting birthday person to their treasure. i.e... "ewww! Your breath smells, go brush your teeth!" could lead to a package on the bathroom counter. Sounds like your pretty princess had a great day!!

Clare said...

Look at how cute she is! I can't believe she is 6 either. They say time flies... Sounds like a perfect birthday to me since it included shopping, ice cream and no chores!

Keck said...

Tell Gillyan happy birthday! Man I can't believe that she is 6, man I feel old! Sounds like a fun day, I mean Target makes anyday fun. Lov you, Keck

Lisa Dawn said...

Gilly is so cute! I am counting the days 'til you guys come. Gilly reminds me of myself she loves shopping and Barbies. I want to have kids like your's when I grow up.

Lisa said...

Thanks a million for making us all part of Gilly's happy birthday! The breakfast tray was very "Martha Stewart". I am glad to see you carrying on some of our fun traditions! By the way, the breakfast tray tradition was born out of a desire for your mom to make your birthday very special and stick to a simple birthday budget. I never knew it would catch on quite so well. Love, MOM

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