Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Artist/Jedi

I have not gone into a lot about my kids, probably due to the fact that most of my life revolves around them and it was kinda a nice change of pace. However my mother pointed out that I could print out my post as a journal of sorts and I am sure one day I will want to look back and remember cute things they did or said. So today I am going to give a short blog on Gideyon. Gideyon is our 4 1/2 year old son, who is all boy! If boys do it, Gideyon has or does it-runs everywhere, talks at abnormally loud decibels, makes messes everywhere he goes, constantly looks like Pigpen from Charlie Brown etc. However he is his fathers child which makes me smile just by looking at him!

For the last couple months he has been slightly obsessed with Star Wars, he tends to phase through stuff but this one has been more fun for us due to his father's lifelong goal of being a jedi:) So with Gideyon as the Padawan learner and Steve as the Jedi Master we have learned to control the galaxy at the Goodman house. Except for when Mom goes to the Dark side and has to bring everyone back to earth:) No really, Gideyon knows enough about Star Wars to play trivial pursuit in a competition which makes Steve the proudest dad ever! So today my little Jedi sits at the table and colors picture after picture of his favorite Star Wars "figgers" as he calls them. So above I have shown you what I consider the best likeness of Yoda ever. I will also give you my favorite Gideyon Star Wars quote to date: "Mom how do you spell R2D2?" If that doesn't strike you as funny try saying it outloud!:)


Rachel said...

Best. Yoda. EVER! Look at his cuteness. I almost didn't recognize him without his hair spiked! How sweet. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Lisa said...

Hey! Those are the cutest kids ever and so smart, too. It must be inherited from their parents. Thanks for sharing them with us in such a humorous way. We have our own Star Wars fans over here on the Dark Side. Love Ya, MOM

PS: Kate made the drawing her wallpaper.

Clare said...

Robyn, I just have to tell you how much I love Gideyon. Could he please draw a Yoda for his uncle Joel? He would love that! Gideyon is definitely my favorite nephew!

Keck said...

Hi Robs,
I love your blog. I just love Gideyon too! He is just the cutest little kid ever! I just want to eat him up!(Not actually cause than he would be gone! I love you so much. Tell the munchkins I say hi.I loved the Yoda!!!

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