Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One Car Countdown

So if you have read my previous post you will note that our family is currently down to one vehicle. I do acknowledge that plenty of people manage to get along fine with one car, and some with no car! However our family has had two cars since forever so we are a little spoiled. Add to that the fact that I jam packed my schedule so the kids and I would have plenty to distract us after Steve deployed and then they postponed his date 6 weeks! So my very full calendar and his work schedule have required some serious juggling. In the spirit though of my never ending quest for contentment, I have come up with what I consider the top 5 benefits to sharing a vehicle.
1)More family time! Every time DH needs dropped off or picked up the kids and I drop what we are doing, grab our stuff and spend 15 extra minutes with Dad we would have otherwise missed.
2)Evaluate Schedule-Do I really have to run that errand? Can I combine any of our trips on and off posts. Can I schedule that appt for another day? All the things that I once just closed my eyes and planned I now think through a little more objectively.
3) Save Gas! Oddly enough we seem to be saving gasoline. I am guessing that all those days that he keeps the van and I am grounded at home are days I would have normally run around town (probably for no good reason!)
4) Better Schedule- Since we have to drop Steve off most mornings, we are getting in the routine of all getting up a little earlier, getting dressed, having breakfast as a family and heading out the door. As soon as the kids and I get back, we start right in on our daily schedule since we are already dressed and ready for the day!
5)More time at home- This kinda goes with number 2, but I just have been amazed at how freeing it is to be home bound. On the days Steve keeps the van, I know that I can really spend time that day on housework, the kids schooling, or even baking without fear that I will have to hurry to make it to the next deadline event. Why this week alone the kids and I have done school every day (which honestly since they are in kindergarten and preschool is alot!), I have baked an apple pie to surprise my honey, I organized a couple of closets and cabinets, and rearranged and spruced up Gillyan's room.
OK, so that is like my longest post to date but who doesn't like a countdown!


Clare said...

It is amazing how being a one car family helps to pare down a schedule. I know when Joel was home that there were days I was thankful that I could tell Josie, "No, we have to stay home because Daddy has the truck!" Besides, "this too shall pass!", then you will be sad because you have the van all to yourself!

Rachel said...

Although it's tough to imagine giving up a car, I too can relate to being a one car family during the times when one car was in the shop and Cory had the other at work. The best part was that not only did I not plan places to go, I couldn't. It gave me time to, as you said, get organized, bake, and enjoy being tied to the house....for a little while at least!

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