Friday, March 13, 2009

Rain Request

Hello All 3 of my faithful readers:) I don't normally do unusual things on my blog, in fact I don't usually even blog! However we have received three straight days of rain including today and my heart is full over it. I simply love the rain, it doesn't make me sullen, nor do I grouch when I have to go out it in. I just revel in the fact that God sent it to me. So that is where my unusual request comes in. I have been looking out my window this morning wishing I knew some verses that pertained to rain so I could pray them. Would you all be willing to look up one verse about rain and send it in your comment so I can refer to them? Thanks I would really appreciate it! I look forward to what you all come up with.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I have always feared in my heart that my children hate me, in fact sometimes I think they get together in the middle of the night and plot ways to make me crazy. The past few days have given me concrete proof. Proof you say? Yes in the form of..... CONFETTI & GLITTER! Yes you read that right I have decided that the way my children want to make me commit myself comes in a form most people sprinkle for decoration.

See it started innocently enough, someone gifted my daughter with some body glitter and a scrapbook kit complete with confetti. And at first the confetti on the table was annoying and then trying to wash body glitter out of her hair made me mad, but then they took it to a whole new level. Yesterday I walked in to my son's room and what looked like a Libby Lu party gone wrong (if you don't know what a Libby Lu store is consider yourself blessed!). When I asked why there was glitter and confetti from here to kingdom come they politely explained that they had simply been playing Peter Pan and that you can't fly without Pixie dust! OK, so I guess I can do a little sweeping in the name of imaginative play, however today I changed my mind. As I vacuumed all 6 rooms in our home and the hallway I kept finding the dang stuff! And NO people even my dyson is no match for the plague that is glitter. I tell you every single room and each carpet that is in my house had some form of shiny substance on it. Not happy Bob, Not happy!

All this is just to vent a little and keep from making threats to my children that I don't intend to keep past their 8th birthday. Just in case though you should take it in your head to send me a card in the mail, do me a favor and send money not confetti!