Monday, September 26, 2011

Me, Muffin Tin Meals & The Magic School Bus

So Monday's at our house are not so fun for my kiddos. We always start our morning with chores, but Monday's are "Clean the House" day. Which means we dust, mop, clean glass, and basically put things to rights after the chaos of the weekend :/ On top of that "unfun" we always do extra subjects in school that day, due to our busy schedules on Tuesday & Wednesday. When we are out of the house for most of the day with Bible Study and Co-op. So to say the least my children aren't so fond of Mondays!

In an effort to make them dread Monday a little less, I had shared last week how I do "Muffin Tin Meals". I also have started letting them watch the Magic School Bus while they enjoy their tinned lunches. This is a fun little reward for helping around the house that morning, yet I don't feel to guilty because Magic School Bus is pretty educational! Here is what my guys enjoyed today:
Milk, Baby PBJ on mini flatbreads, cheese, grapes, chocolate chip cookies, and cheetos!
They watched the "Magic School Bus goes on Air" while noshing their lunch.

And because my Mom made a comment about my pic last week I am including a self photo, just for her:)
"HI Mom, I miss you!"

I am going to attempt to link this post to Muffin Tin Mondays. Wish me Luck!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Homeschooling Hints & Helps: School Lunches (The Homeschool Version!)

So I don't know about you guys, but at times I am a wee bit jealous that I don't get to pack a cute little lunch for my kiddos everyday in a matching lunchbox. I decided this year to rectify that by trying to be more creative in the lunches I serve at home. We do also take our lunch at least once a week to Co-op, so I get to "play" a little there;) So here are some of the things I have been doing to keep lunch interesting at our house lately:

1) Muffin Tin Meals. There is a whole blog dedicated to this idea! I actually had thought of it before I saw it, however the images gave me the incentive to do it:) The premise is easy. You simply serve your child lunch in a muffin pan. I love that I have to think of so many different things to fill all the little holes:) I have been trying to do this every Monday.
This Monday's meal consisted of (from left top): Juice Box, Mini Corn Dogs, Ketchup, Applesauce, Babybel Cheese, and a mini Brownie. As you can see with certain foods I use muffin liners and with prepackaged food I don't. But the liners work great for ketchup, and since I spray painted this tins to match my kids school stuff they aren't super "wash friendly" . I cut the brownies with a cookie cutter so they would fit!
 P.S. I got my tins at the dollar store, score!

2) Food Service Baskets. This little plastic baskets have been one of my favorite ways to serve food for years! You can usually find them in a dollar spot at Target or Micheals. However they are usually red or yellow. I happened to be a TJMaxx last year and found a set of bright colored ones! I snatched those babies up:) These baskets are best with simple foods: Hot Dogs, Burgers, Corn Dogs, Wraps. Cause you can't fit a lot in the little baskets!

This day's meal consisted of Baby Burgers (sliders), cucumbers, and chips of choice. Plus V8 fusions to drink. The kids really like this method! As shown in the following exhibits;)
Ok I admit, even I LOVE to eat out of a fun little basket:) P.S. Do you notice that I am NOT drinking a V8 Fusion!:P That is the look I give my children when they play with my camera!
3) Bagged/Box Lunches. If you are on the web or Pintrest, you have seen the new craze of Bento Boxing. I never want to be one to be left out so I found a similar container at Target and have been using it on Co-op days since we have to bring a lunch. I LOVE these! Now I am not so creative that I shape everything and coordinate it with a theme. But I do enjoy filling all the little "spots" in the container with something fun,yummy & nutritious (however you will have noted by this point in my blog that I am by NO means a health-food addict, I merely strive to present "well rounded" meals).
This is what we took to Co-op yesterday: Mini Turkey & Cheese sandwiches on mini bread rounds, Grapes, Carrots & Dip (that is the little round container by the sandwich), Chips, Homemade M&M cookies, and a Juice Box. I even ate the same exact thing myself except of course the juice box:P
A few notes about this particular lunches "supplies". The lunch boxes are Ziploc brand and come in a set of 2 from Target. The little dip containers are my new obsession! They are Diamond brand, they come in a set of 50 cups and lids that each fit 2 oz of liquid. They are slightly pricey but SO worth it. They are fairly leak proof too! The fun little bread rounds were something I just spotted last time I went grocery shopping, and I am sucker for anything mini! They are Arnold Sandwich Thin Minis and come in a pack of 16. This lil cuties are only 50 calories apiece, and perfect for my non-bread loving children!

4) Cafeteria Style Trays. My mom had some of these growing up, and I remember thinking how fun it was to get served lunch in little compartmental plates:) So when I found these at Target a few years back I gladly began the tradition in my home. 
My Son felt obligated to oversee that day's lunch since it is one of his faves;) The kids were served mini pizzas (courtesy of Schwans), mandarin oranges, pudding & an orange flavored Izze to drink. So definitely not the most nutritious lunch, but for sure school cafeteria fare;)

And that wraps up all the different ways we inhale lunch at our house:) Hope I have given you some fun ideas for your own home. Feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions!

P.S. Thinking of trying to make this a more than occasional blog topic. I would share my organizing, scheduling, and curriculum thoughts. If you would enjoy this please let  me know. Cause honestly this blog was kinda time consuming if no one really wants to read it!;)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A few of my faves...Movie Version

So in an effort to at least blog once a month I am presenting you with a short list of my ALL time favorite movies. I will put them in order of my favorite to my MOST favorite.

A Few Good Men. This has been one of my go to movies for years! Also one of the only movies I can stand with Tom Cruise in it:/       

 Sweet Home Alabama. This is such a sweet, feel good movie. I actually had to shop the pawn stores to find it on DVD after I realized I kept watching it every time it was on TV!

50 First Dates. This is one of the very few movies that isn't totally raunchy AND yet it still has Adam Sandler in it. I love that it is sweet but funny. One of the first movies Steve and I went to see once we got married.

The Three Musketeers. This has been one of my faves since I was a teenager. LOVE this movie!

The Princess Bride. This is my ALL time favorite. My feel good movie. I actually just sat down with Steve and the kids and introduced my kids to it:) SO many good lines in this movie!

Ok that is my short but sweet post. Feel free to leave a comment letting me know what your all time fave is:)