Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sorry ...20 years Late

OK, so sometimes personal experience IS what it is all about. Along those lines I would like to share some things I have experienced as a Mom that have made me say in my head "I am SO sorry Mom that I did this to you".
So this one's for you Mom:
  • I am sorry Mom that no matter how many times you asked I never cleaned my own toothpaste blobs out of the sink. Don't worry Gilly and Gidey daily remind me of this sin previously committed.
  • I apologize Mother that I never allowed you to own or even know where your scissors or scotch tape was. I now also am the owner of MIA office supplies.
  • Please forgive me for all the times I tattled on the most trivial of matters. I didn't realize that I was only making you feel like a full time referee. I now feel most days that I should where only black and white, with a whistle.
  • Accept my sincerest apologies on the matter of clothing: Not caring what you liked, not ever keeping things neat in my drawers or closets, or even for that matter getting the dirty ones where they belonged! Gillyan alone more than pays me back for this one on a daily basis.
  • Can you find it in your heart to forgive all the times I didn't give a care how a job got done because it didn't effect me? I now realize how much MORE work my carelessness made. Gideyon is the master of a speedy yet sloppy job so I comprehend this one fully.
And just think I have had all these revelations in the last 6 years! By the time my guys are teenagers hopefully I will have realized the complete extent of my transgressions and apologized profusely! In the mean time I will keep loving my two, and thanking God that my Mother is not a grudge holder:)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

5 Faves

I haven 't done a list in while and I do so adore one. So out of sheer boredom here are 5 of my current "new" favorite things:

  1. Scent- Green Citrus from Bath & Body. This is such a clean fresh scent that I have it everywhere from my air fresheners to my body wash!
  2. Drink- Izze Apple. Everytime I go in to be seen I get a lecture on staying hydrated, so in search of something I could down quickly I found these guys, and I have to say I actually love all the flavors but Apple is my favorite.
  3. Shoes- My new beaded coral flops from Target! They go with like half my summer clothes and I swear they make my legs look tanner:)
  4. Music/Song- Innocent by Stellar Kart. Everytime they play this song, I have to sing it and it makes me want to try a little harder to be less like the world.
  5. Book- My new bible study book: Me, Myself & Lies by Jennifer Rothchild. I never realize how hard we as women are on ourselves but this study has been eye opening. I am growing in places I didn't know needed watered!

Ok, so you are now current on all my trend setting favorites. Hurry out and duplicate them all so you to can be as fabulous as me!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bedroom Makeover

Yeah for Kelly! Who wisely advised me to forgo my Firefox browser when uploading pics, and instead use Internet Explorer. So Thanks again Kels!
Ok with the respects paid and out of the way. I can go forward about my blog pics.
The above pics are of my newly redone bedroom. Before Steve came home I went on a house cleaning spree, and ended up painting both the kids bedrooms and mine! I have to admit mine is my favorite. I had been saving my new bedding and such from Christmas until I could redo the entire room. I was hoping to have a new bedframe and a for once in my life a matching dresser. However as you can see from the pics that didn't happen. In fact I for went the bed frame entirely since it was perched on books and just put the mattress and boxsprings on the floor! Still I am entirely pleased with the overall look. I was a little timid about the gray paint on the walls but I now I am in love with it! I didn't buy hardly anything but the accessories so the whole room cost under $100 dollars out of my pocket:) Maybe oneday, someday I will add matching black furniture to the ensemble.
P.S. Lara if the lamp and table look a little familiar, we thank you for your donation:)