Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bento - "Minis"

SO I have been making the kids "bentoish" lunches for Homeschool co-op & days when I have meetings. I haven't taken any pics, so I had not been sharing them. But today I was so pleased with my theme and the ease of it, I had to post! This is what the kiddos took to Co-op today:
I know this doesn't look very special (and really it's not) however, everything in this box was a "mini" version of something. Their Lock & Lock 4 square boxes held:
A mini orange (clementine), baby oreos, a tiny turkey & cheese sandwiche, and a mini container of yogurt. If you look at the items on a regular paper plate it better shows the size ratio.
I used the little cocktail bread to make the mini sandwiches. I would love to tell you my kiddos were impressed, however I think the theme alluded them:/ Oh well , it made ME happy!:) Thanks for looking!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Going "Nuts" for this Muffin Tin!

So I am a little bereft to see fall go. In fact I am clinging to it all week, before openly embracing the Christmas season. I love fall, and if you follow my FB you saw the little Acorn plates that I am currently in love with this season:) I used them for my inspiration for this weeks MTM. So here it is, my last fall Muffin tin of the year...

This Acorn themed muffin tin contained (from top left to bottom right):
A Juice Box, Hazelnuts (which my kids thought were great fun to crack!) and little acorn shaped tuna sandwiches. On the bottom are acorn bites (made out of donut holes, sprinkles & pretzel sticks) green grapes (to look like green acorns!) & pretzels sticks/acorn stems;)

I am linking up at Muffin Tin Mom:)
I will hopefully be back later this week, to share some Advent Ideas & Inspiration.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Plump & Perky Turkey for our Muffin Tins!

I have been thinking about our Thanksgiving/Turkey themed muffin tins for a while and I was SO excited when I found these fun "tins" to put them in last week!

They are actually ceramic, but my kids are older so I thought they would be fine. Plus they were only $2.50! So I couldn't say NO;)

We just read the book a "A Plump & Perky Turkey" for our Thanksgiving unit, and it inspired me!

This book is way cute, so we borrowed it's title for our theme this week.

So here is my version of "Pete" (that is the name of the turkey in the book), he is beside some applesauce garnished with a cut apple "leave"

Then I made some cute chocolate acorns (thanks Pintrest!) and filled another cup with
"Cornucopia Trail Mix" (this was simply Bugles & Runts)

I also included a Juice Box and dried cranberries & cherries, but as Gideyon put it "there is nothing fun about the fruit, Mom!" :/
Hooking up over at Muffin Tin Mom
My first Thanksgiving Muffin Tins, pretty fun if I do say so myself!;