Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Funny Family

I just wanted to post to say that I have the best family EVER! You are all so funny and witty and every post made by one of you makes me smile in some way. I love that Clare can make me tear up yet laugh about fries from Jack in the Crack. Katy has got to be the best witty writer ever and if she doesn't get into whatever college she wants that is there loss! And my hilarious Aunt makes me grin often over her daily occurrences and her opinion of them. Please Auntie Dawn take that as a compliment and DO NOT make me eat candy corns!! I love you guys and hope you all forgive me that my blogs aren't as entertaining or amusing, however that is just me. By the way Mom don't think I forgot you or don't appreciate your blogs, I DO. You just haven't posted as recently and yours tend to be more thought provoking that amusing. Plus I just happen to read Clare's, Katy's and then Aunt Dawn's blogs in that order. I thought my views on their blogs was to long to post in a lil ole comment box. Keep 'em coming girls!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

All Duh

I am all duh...that would be how my daughter said all done when she was younger. I am tired of the Army get to play games with my emotions. My spouse has been gone to long and I just want him back. He was supposed to be home possibly as early as this past Monday. Well being the pessimist I am I knew better than to expect him home early, so I wasn't surprised when that didn't pan out and we went to the original date of the 15th. Well when they pushed that back to Sunday night, I still wasn't surprised but nor could I laugh as I did the first time. However when he called last night to say we are now looking at Monday I lost it. I have two little people who are desperate to see their dad, I am trying to live a life normal while in limbo, and mostly importantly I am just done! I fought the good fight, I know I CAN do it, I just don't want to! How would you feel if 2 days before Christmas someone said "Hold it, wait, we are actually not going to allow you to have any type of Celebration on the 25th, all celebrating will take place on the 27th." Would you handle that well? Maybe if you are like me and could live with or without Christmas Hoopla, however in that case I beg you to put some date of importance in the example and work with me here! Nonetheless I will keep hoping Monday pans out....