Monday, June 7, 2010

Manic Monday- VBS 2010

So this morning was a little bitter sweet. I dressed my guys in their brand spankin new VBS shirts. Did their hair, so it would at least look cute during Worship Rally. Then took the mandatory VBS pic. So far all that has been the sweet part. The bitter part was knowing I wasn't going to be there. That I wouldn't be working in a fun ranch theme decorated room, or eating Cowpoke snacks, or making western themed crafts. For the first time in LOTS of years, I wasn't even going to merely be an onlooker, I just wouldn't be there:(

This is due to many reasons that I won't even go into on this blog, suffice it to say there is a season for everything. And obviously this was my season to sit on the sidelines. I am thrilled for my little people that they get to participate in all the fun, yet sad in my heart that I am not helping make the fun. Oh well at least I will get to live vicariously through my kids.

Here was their rundown on this morning:
Gilly: "Mom first we did worship rally in the big church and sang and did offering, and guess what?! The girls won offering and I need to bring money tomorrow. Next we went to Snack" Gideyon butts in at this part.
Gideyon: " Yeah at snack we made"mix trail". It had a lot of stuff in it"
Gilly: Do you think we can make trail mix sometime Mom?, Cept without the round cereal in it cause I don't like that kind"
Gideyon: " Yeah maybe we could put Lucky Charms in it instead!"
Gilly: "NO cause it already has marshmallows in it!"
Me: We'll see, maybe you can each pick something to put in it. What else did you do at VBS?"
Gilly:" We went to art and got to make big people!"
Gidey: " And I found a wallet and the lady said that was tomorrows craft, so then I will have something to put my money in:)"
Gilly: "After that we went back to our room and had games, and then we went to big church for worship rally again, and I answered one the pastors questions!"
Gidey: " I tried to answer but I didn't get picked"
Me: " Well maybe you will get picked another day, the pastor can't pick everyone. So does this mean you had a good time and want to go back?"
Gilly: "Yes!!"
Gidey: " Yeah I guess so"

So as you can tell VBS was an overall hit, and I am glad for the sake of my kids that even though our church wasn't involved they still got to go to a fun program. And I am sure we will be singing the songs for weeks to come:)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tasty Tuesday- Rice Krispy Treats

Since I just finished a quick trip to visit my favoritest sister Clare , I thought it was only fitting that this Tasty Tuesday recipe be something she is "famous" for. Now if you are dismissing this recipe on the fact that you already know how to make Rice Krispy Treats, may I beg you to TRY this one! See I wasn't impressed either, till my Nina made these tasty morsels and I tasted the difference. Her recipe is a careful ratio of marshmallows to krispies, with a touch of vanilla, that when placed in the correct size pan produce the chewiest marshmallow treats I have yet to eat! 

Clare's Famous Rice Krispy Treats:
5 Cups Rice Krispies Cereal
1/4 Cup Butter (NO substitutions!)
1 teaspoon Vanilla
10 oz bag of Mini Marshmallows

Grease a 8x8 pan with butter or spray, set aside. In large pot melt your butter with the vanilla and marshmallows. Once completely melted add in your cereal, coating well. Immediately turn mixture into prepared pan. Using buttered hands push cereal mixture firmly down into pan. If you can manage to wait long enough, allow to cool before cutting to produce more attractive squares:) This recipe doubled makes a nice 9x13 pan of treats that are quite thick!

Hope you enjoy these quick and tasty treats! Be sure and drop Lara a comment if you try these and tell her how much she rocks:)