Monday, January 30, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday- Snow Much Fun!

I have had this muffin tin in my head since before Christmas! But I kept hoping that maybe we would get a few flakes to along with it. End of January and in the 70's so I decided I better go ahead and do it before Easter:P

Nothing to complicated about this one, just fun to look at!
Each of their tins had snowman head donuts (mini donuts with a sixlet nose and mini chocolate chip eyes), glass of milk, PBJ Snowman Head Sandwich (with raisin eyes and a mini carrot nose), blueberries with a snowflake pick, vanilla yogurt with snowflake sprinkles, and some extra snowman noses (carrots). Gillyan thought today's lunch was SO cute! Gideyon couldn't figure out the theme, go figure he is such a guy:/ Linking up to Muffin Tin Mom

Hoping to be back soon, to share some misc fun from last week!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whatever Goes Wednesday-Bento: Yellow Stars

I am sure nobody was to sad that I didn't post a muffin tin this Monday. But I thought since I didn't I would post my kiddos Bento from Co-op today. I went with an easy peasy theme: Yellow Stars.
I think I was trying to challenge myself to see if I could make a monochromatic yet nutritious lunch:) Here is what they ended up with:

I put fresh pineapple chunks in one square, pirate booty in the next, vanilla yogurt with star sprinkles and a tiny appetizer spoon, and lil star shaped sandwiches. I had to stick in a golden oreo, because my guys do NOT consider yogurt dessert:P

Monday, January 16, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday-Appetizer Tray

Today's muffin tin should actually be called "Cleaning out the fridge Cups" but I thought Appetizer Tray made it sound more appealing;) Here is what I ended up putting in my kiddos tins:

They have Herbed Turkey Pinwheels, an Orange Izze, a tiny cheeseball with mini Triscuits, some Marcona Almonds, a baby slice of Red Velvet Cheesecake (Leftover from my Bday) and some Grapes. Pretty sure I could have put liver in the tins today and they would have ate it just so they could have the dessert!:) So not one of my prettier, or more creative tins but tasty nonetheless!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday-Breakfast Bites

I was actually excited to do a more "traditional" muffin tin after all the Christmas tins. So this weeks tin was simple but cute. I went for a "mini" breakfast theme. I have a slight obsession with all things tiny/small/miniature:/
The kids tins looked like this:

They contained from top left to bottom right: Mini Pancakes, container of syrup, Chocolate Milk, small thing of yogurt, mandarin oranges, and baby sausage links. The utensils were a tiny spoon & pick meant for appetizers. The kids gobbled these down, and needless to say I had to refill more than one cup;) Linking to Muffin Tin Monday

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fast Five- Homeschooling Tools Favorites

One of my 2 dear readers (Yes Aunt Dawn & Clare that's you!) requested that I put the new school table my husband made on my blog so she could pin it. So for today's fast 5, I am showcasing 5 our schooling essentials.

1) Our NEW School Table WootWoot! This baby was a piece of cake to make. I bought 2 cheap shelves at Wally World, and had my husband paint a blank door to match. He attached to the door to the assembled shelves with L brackets and Wall-la. A very useful/huge school table! Now to be honest this was about a $60 project with paint and brackets and everything. Plus it is slightly taller than a normal table so regular chairs don't work for kids. We are buying our guys saddle style stools (that also happen to come from Wal-mart). Just giving you the low down so you don't yell at me later;)

You will notice all the items on each kids "end". Those are the components to the rest of today's 5.

2) Their Daily Binders. At the beginning of the school year I bought each kid a cute binder and double sided pocketed dividers.

On each Pocket Divider I put one of the days of the school week.
On Sunday nights I take work out their Math Books, Spelling, Phonics, Etc. and put it in each day's front pocket accordingly. For those subjects that don't have tear out pages, or that have to be read aloud, or something "unpocketable" I put labels on that day's front pocket to remind the kids that we have to do those subjects also. For instance Bible and Science are mostly read aloud subjects, and we always do history together. The pockets are mainly for their "work alone" subjects.

Once that days work is completed it goes in the back of that days' pocket, so I know it is ready to be graded. I LOVE this system and it works really well for us. The kids know what needs done, and I can keep track of what is getting accomplished.

3) These HUGE white beasts are the kids cumulative binders. Once work has been accomplished for that week and graded, I move it to these binders. I keep these to show what they have done for the year.

I keep a clear page protector in the front to hold school work that isn't "hole punchable" such as unit work or crafts.

4) Each of the kids has their own Workbox. This holds all their essentials for schooling. They aren't suppose to use these for any other time. But I can't tell you the amount of times, I have been hollering because Gidey has lost his scissors, or someones gluestick was in their room:/

This small crate holds: A soap dish full of crayons, eraser, scissors, gluestick, and a jar with Markers and Colored Pencils. The kids actually really like this system and we seem to be able to keep up with things better than previous years.

5) Homeschooling...or is it Van Schooling?
My last item is the kids customized clipboards. I hate to admit but we school on the go sometimes. So the clipboards are awesome because they just grab the work from that days binder pocket, attach to clipboard and go. We usually bring a pencil pouch and sharpener too.

There it is folks some of my favorite school tools. I also have an awesome planner that I should share with you sometime...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve 2011

This year for New Years Eve I put together some "Goody Bags" to help my kiddos celebrate. I realize it is to late in the game this year to do any one else any good, however you could always put it in your file for next year;) I started with plain colored bags and added a printable clock detail to the fronts.

 I stuffed all kinds of goodies in side the bags!

There were the "Wearable Goodies" ( Tiara/Hat, 2012 Goofy Glasses and New Years Necklace)

And then the "Noisy Goodies" (A Spinning Noise Wheel, Hand Clapper, and Horn)

Then the "Messy Makers" (Silly String, Party Poppers, and Confetti! No your eyes do NOT deceive you, I caved and did confetti the close cousin to the accursed glitter!)

I also added a cute little Bottle of Sparkling Cider.
I did NOT put in the goblet,it is for size refrence only;)
Finally I added in a pop up tape dispenser and refills. WHAT!?! You don't add these to your New Years list? Well you might if your kids went through 3 rolls of tape before Christmas and you happen to find matching dispensers for 65cents on clearance that day;) My kids LoVeD them!

Also in the original photo I showed the kids bags with a cute colorful goal list. I really liked that list, however it said 2010 which bugged the SNOT out of me. So instead we filled out this adorable list found HERE. They turned out really cute, plus Steve and I filled out her Adult version:)
At that is New Years 2011 Folks! Wishing you all the best in 2012:)