Monday, January 16, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday-Appetizer Tray

Today's muffin tin should actually be called "Cleaning out the fridge Cups" but I thought Appetizer Tray made it sound more appealing;) Here is what I ended up putting in my kiddos tins:

They have Herbed Turkey Pinwheels, an Orange Izze, a tiny cheeseball with mini Triscuits, some Marcona Almonds, a baby slice of Red Velvet Cheesecake (Leftover from my Bday) and some Grapes. Pretty sure I could have put liver in the tins today and they would have ate it just so they could have the dessert!:) So not one of my prettier, or more creative tins but tasty nonetheless!


Rachel said...

I would eat liver just to get a piece of red velvet cheesecake too! Looks delicious and fun!

Lisa said...

Yummy! How did you make the mini cheeseball? I "heart" a cheeseball. As a matter of fact, the entire lunch looks delicious. If you made it for me and it was all I ate, then I might lose a little weight. Then it could be called Mini Me Muffin-tin Lunch.

Clare said...

Yay for having red velvet cheesecake for your birthday! Was it from the Cheesecake Factory? Otherwise I am not sure it was worth eating...;)

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