Monday, June 27, 2011

My first Applique!! Sew Cute;)

Continuing with my VBS themed crafts, I decided to do a little applique project for Gilly. I have been wanting to try one of these for a long time but didn't have a cute "idea". But with this years VBS theme being the "Big Apple" I knew exactly what I should try for my first one. This was SO simple I am not even going to bore you with step by step instructions.
All I did was take a plain white Tshirt and then it was as easy as 1,2,3...
1) Pick a pattern on which to base your applique and print it out or trace it.
2) Take your prewashed fabric and some HeatNBond and apply using pattern as directed on HeatNBond package.
3) Go around your applique using a broad zigzag stitch .

TaDa!! Super cute and easy applique in like 5 minutes. Here is a close up of my "Big Apple", but don't look to close! I was using a new stitch on my machine and it took a minute to get the hang of :/

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Bday Mom!

So today is my mother's birthday and in our family birthdays are BIG deals! So since I couldn't be with her to celebrate her special deal I of course sent her a gift. But I also made her a little "happy" and thought I would show it to her on here, since I am horrible about mailing gifts on time:/

So for My favorite Mom on her bday:
This is the 2x4 Flag that I made for my mother who ♥s all things Americana. This was so super easy that I whipped up a matching one for myself;) I found the tutorial online and "roughly" followed it.

Hope your day is as fun as I would make it if I were there Mom! Love you and wish I could be there:)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grab a Cab (Snack that is!)

So today's post isn't quite as corny as the title;) However it is super quick and easy. I am not going to give long detailed steps since it basic (Don't act SO happy!). Instead I will just give you a quick overview.

Here is what I came up with:

All I did to whip up these cuties is take a small treat bag ( I got 100 at Hobby Lobby for a $1.50 with my 40% coupon!) I then printed the words "Cab Fare" on yellow cardstock. I cut to size of my baggie and then stamped with the cute Taxi stamp that I got from Lifeway! I also punched out the checkerboard pattern at the bottom and put black cardstock on the back to make it show up. The punch is purely optional, actually the Taxi Stamp came with a Checkerboard stamp it is just bigger than I wanted to use. I then stapled the whole little "header" on the baggie in which I had placed 3 chocolate coins. Ta Da that's it! For resource purposes I will show the stamps and punchout that I used:

You will notice that I pulled the cab stamp off the foam block and put it on a clear block. I found it impossible to line up using that bulky foam block! I actually have an extra set of these stamps so if you leave a comment you can win it! Check back tomorrow for more:)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

VBS Gifty Week!! BookClip Tutorial

So I am sure if you reference last years VBS Post you will see shocking similiarites. Again we are between church homes, so I am not able to help with VBS. This makes me so sad:( However I can't help by getting in the theme of things with a few little quick crafts. The ideas I post this week would be great as teacher appreciation gifts from a student to their teacher, or a left by a VBS director in the teacher's lounge, or from a teacher to their aides. Nothing I will post this week is very spendy or complicated, so all you have to do is get the supplies:)

My first little "gifty" this week is Apple Clips. These little cuties are a breeze to make and would look so cute on your VBS guide book;)

You will need the following supplies:

 Cardstock in Colors of your choice, Jumbo Paperclip, PopUp glue dots, punches in the following sizes: Large Scallop, 1&3/8 Circle, and Apple punch. (oh and a taperunner or gluestick, just pretend you see them!)

Punch two of each shape as follows:

Stack and Glue (use tape runner or gluestick NOT PopUp dots yet) your punches in this order: Scallop under Circle but not the Apple yet. Then take your Paperclip and PopUp glue dots and sandwich the PunchOuts on either side of the paperclip with the gluedot in between. Now you can add the apples! If you add these before you put it on the paperclip, it is a pain to line the apples up right.

What you should end up with looks like this:
This actually way easier than the complicated steps I have to always include:P In fact I whipped up a different variation in approximately 1 minute!
I just love this lil guys:) If you don't want to run out and buy the punches I am willing to mail sets of the punchouts for basically postage & cost of supplies which means all you would need to purchase is the paperclips and gluedots! Check back later this week for more VBS ideas:)

P.S. Should I give one of these away to one of my few loyal readers? Leave a comment and tell me whatcha think;)