Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grab a Cab (Snack that is!)

So today's post isn't quite as corny as the title;) However it is super quick and easy. I am not going to give long detailed steps since it basic (Don't act SO happy!). Instead I will just give you a quick overview.

Here is what I came up with:

All I did to whip up these cuties is take a small treat bag ( I got 100 at Hobby Lobby for a $1.50 with my 40% coupon!) I then printed the words "Cab Fare" on yellow cardstock. I cut to size of my baggie and then stamped with the cute Taxi stamp that I got from Lifeway! I also punched out the checkerboard pattern at the bottom and put black cardstock on the back to make it show up. The punch is purely optional, actually the Taxi Stamp came with a Checkerboard stamp it is just bigger than I wanted to use. I then stapled the whole little "header" on the baggie in which I had placed 3 chocolate coins. Ta Da that's it! For resource purposes I will show the stamps and punchout that I used:

You will notice that I pulled the cab stamp off the foam block and put it on a clear block. I found it impossible to line up using that bulky foam block! I actually have an extra set of these stamps so if you leave a comment you can win it! Check back tomorrow for more:)

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Rachel said...

The cab fare is a super cute idea for another teacher happy. Love it. Thanks for the great tips. This one is easy and would appeal to guys as well as girls.

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