Tuesday, June 7, 2011

VBS Gifty Week!! BookClip Tutorial

So I am sure if you reference last years VBS Post you will see shocking similiarites. Again we are between church homes, so I am not able to help with VBS. This makes me so sad:( However I can't help by getting in the theme of things with a few little quick crafts. The ideas I post this week would be great as teacher appreciation gifts from a student to their teacher, or a left by a VBS director in the teacher's lounge, or from a teacher to their aides. Nothing I will post this week is very spendy or complicated, so all you have to do is get the supplies:)

My first little "gifty" this week is Apple Clips. These little cuties are a breeze to make and would look so cute on your VBS guide book;)

You will need the following supplies:

 Cardstock in Colors of your choice, Jumbo Paperclip, PopUp glue dots, punches in the following sizes: Large Scallop, 1&3/8 Circle, and Apple punch. (oh and a taperunner or gluestick, just pretend you see them!)

Punch two of each shape as follows:

Stack and Glue (use tape runner or gluestick NOT PopUp dots yet) your punches in this order: Scallop under Circle but not the Apple yet. Then take your Paperclip and PopUp glue dots and sandwich the PunchOuts on either side of the paperclip with the gluedot in between. Now you can add the apples! If you add these before you put it on the paperclip, it is a pain to line the apples up right.

What you should end up with looks like this:
This actually way easier than the complicated steps I have to always include:P In fact I whipped up a different variation in approximately 1 minute!
I just love this lil guys:) If you don't want to run out and buy the punches I am willing to mail sets of the punchouts for basically postage & cost of supplies which means all you would need to purchase is the paperclips and gluedots! Check back later this week for more VBS ideas:)

P.S. Should I give one of these away to one of my few loyal readers? Leave a comment and tell me whatcha think;)


Rachel said...

LOVE! These are toooo cute. I need about 40 of them to use as teacher-appreciation 'happy's' for all my workers :) Oh how I wish you and Clare were here with your mom and me. Between the four of us we could be an unstoppable craft-force to be reckoned with! ha ha!!!

Lisa Dawn said...

Wow Robyn! Your craftiness is amazing! Those are so cute! I understand the never being able to work in VBS thing, I always seem to be gone on a mission trip! Oh well! Super cute craft though! :)

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