Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Funny Family

I just wanted to post to say that I have the best family EVER! You are all so funny and witty and every post made by one of you makes me smile in some way. I love that Clare can make me tear up yet laugh about fries from Jack in the Crack. Katy has got to be the best witty writer ever and if she doesn't get into whatever college she wants that is there loss! And my hilarious Aunt makes me grin often over her daily occurrences and her opinion of them. Please Auntie Dawn take that as a compliment and DO NOT make me eat candy corns!! I love you guys and hope you all forgive me that my blogs aren't as entertaining or amusing, however that is just me. By the way Mom don't think I forgot you or don't appreciate your blogs, I DO. You just haven't posted as recently and yours tend to be more thought provoking that amusing. Plus I just happen to read Clare's, Katy's and then Aunt Dawn's blogs in that order. I thought my views on their blogs was to long to post in a lil ole comment box. Keep 'em coming girls!


Lisa said...

It is great to see everyone back fairly regularly in blogland. FB is ok, but I prefer more personal and a bit more wordy. I sometimes feel FB is like asking someone, "How are you?" and hoping they only respond with a simple, "Fine.".

I am glad you are enjoying your family time together. Treasure every moment.

Rachel said...

Aren't blogs wonderful? Such a fun way to keep up with everybody and read their take on life :)

Don't think for one minute that your blogs aren't amusing or entertaining.....they're wonderful, and they let us enjoy your children via the web....even if they are glitter lovers. It's a kid thing, adults don't understand :)

Clare said...

You should blog more often and then you would probably feel that you have developed more of a blog "personality". Besides, it is nice to not be preached at every once in a while.:0) Plus, it is the perfect place to record the hilarious things your adorable children say! Keep up the good work...

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