Wednesday, November 18, 2009

T is for Thanksgiving

It is almost Thanksgiving and I have been doing a LOT of complaining. I am sure none of you are shocked by this if you know and love me, however I thought I might try something along the more grateful track. So since I love a list...

T is for:

Thanksgiving!- The one day a year when you are encouraged to eat till you hurt:)

Travel- I love a good road trip and my family and I are headed on one this Saturday.

Time Off- My favorite guy in the whole world has 10 days to devote nothing other than his family.

Turkeys- Some many kinds of turkeys to love! Handprint, Cooked/Basted, Little edible ones made out of Candy/Cookies. I think coming up with a different kind of Turkey might become yearly activity for us.

Traditions-Don't you love repeating something that brings up good memories? I especially love thinking up new ones for my kids to hopefully savor one day:)

Do you have a favorite T word, leave a comment and share it! Happy Turkey Day:)


Lisa said...

So glad to see your positive post! Thanks for the fun activity. See my "T" items over at my blog.

Clare said...

This is definitely somthing I need to do. You know that already, though. I love so many things on your list-I would be thankful if I was traveling to see you. Maybe after you move!

Rachel said...

What a great post - thanks for all the reminders about how great Thanksgiving really is!

Missy said...

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving! Great post!

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