Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bento - "Minis"

SO I have been making the kids "bentoish" lunches for Homeschool co-op & days when I have meetings. I haven't taken any pics, so I had not been sharing them. But today I was so pleased with my theme and the ease of it, I had to post! This is what the kiddos took to Co-op today:
I know this doesn't look very special (and really it's not) however, everything in this box was a "mini" version of something. Their Lock & Lock 4 square boxes held:
A mini orange (clementine), baby oreos, a tiny turkey & cheese sandwiche, and a mini container of yogurt. If you look at the items on a regular paper plate it better shows the size ratio.
I used the little cocktail bread to make the mini sandwiches. I would love to tell you my kiddos were impressed, however I think the theme alluded them:/ Oh well , it made ME happy!:) Thanks for looking!

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Clare said...

CUTE! I love anything in mini- I would have taken great pleasure in eating such a cute lunch.And maybe I would be thinner...:)

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