Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fast Five-Advent Edition

I am really excited about this Friday's Fast Five. It is something I have been thinking about the closer it got to Advent season. If you know my family at all, you know that my mother started a Christmas Countdown with all of her children that we all strive to duplicate in some form or manner. I have always done a small treat or activity/craft with my guys in past years. And in fact I will still give them little goodies throughout the month. However the focus of our Countdown this year will be on GIVING not GETTING! I had perused a bunch of blogs and ideas and here is what our family is doing this year:
This is a little baby food jar with slips/sticks of paper with Random Acts of Kindness on them. I took some from several different blogs, so I will share my inspiration with you in my Fast Five list!
1) This was where I got my "jar" idea.
2) This blog has some really easy/cheap R.A.C.K. ideas
3) This is a list of ideas for each daythat you could simply print out if you don't want to be fancy
4)This gal has a cute printable card to go with your give aways/RACK. Plus more ideas!
5) This is my favorite blog about this type of Advent! She articulates how I feel about it well. Plus a really awesome Printable Planner and Idea List:)
So hopefully I have inspired you a little this season, or at least given you some ideas for next year!

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Clare said...

Love it! Definitely something to put in the file for next year.

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