Monday, November 28, 2011

Going "Nuts" for this Muffin Tin!

So I am a little bereft to see fall go. In fact I am clinging to it all week, before openly embracing the Christmas season. I love fall, and if you follow my FB you saw the little Acorn plates that I am currently in love with this season:) I used them for my inspiration for this weeks MTM. So here it is, my last fall Muffin tin of the year...

This Acorn themed muffin tin contained (from top left to bottom right):
A Juice Box, Hazelnuts (which my kids thought were great fun to crack!) and little acorn shaped tuna sandwiches. On the bottom are acorn bites (made out of donut holes, sprinkles & pretzel sticks) green grapes (to look like green acorns!) & pretzels sticks/acorn stems;)

I am linking up at Muffin Tin Mom:)
I will hopefully be back later this week, to share some Advent Ideas & Inspiration.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

My son would love to use the nutcracker. He isn't big into nuts, but he would love opening them. Your acorns are so cute.

Rachel said...

Robyn, as usual, soooo cute. I would have to get really clever to come up with theme appropriate ideas that my kids would ACTUALLY eat. But I love your presentation.

I think you'll find some super fun ideas for Christmas, Valentine's and moving into spring and your kids will be forever entertained by your yummy creativity :)

Clare said...

How hard were the donut hole acorns? I contemplated making those for Thanksgiving.My guys are a little too young for nutcrackers-I might end up with a cracked fingers!Too cute, as always!

Koogle said...

Wonderful acorn-themed muffin tin! I love the acorn bites. ~Genius!

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