Thursday, November 3, 2011

Teach Me Thursday-Pumpkin Lapbook

So we have been dabbling with Lapbooks this year and I am LOVING it! They are fun for me & the kids, plus they really reinforce what ever topic we are covering. I am sharing our pumpkin lapbook and the links I used for most of the printables. I wasn't able to locate all of them again, so next time I will bookmark them better! Speaking of bookmarking, you may want to book mark my post for next year since most of you have already covered pumpkins:/ This is the Cover:

Here are the contents:

These are the links for the items in the lapbook:
The 2 things NOT listed with a link are the "What words can you make from PUMPKIN PATCH" book & the pumpkin "pie" spice wheel. You could easily duplicate these though without a printable. I used an awesome printable from the website Lulu and the Pumpkin Lapbook by Lilliput Station. But it is telling me now that I don't have access to it, grr;( So if you want to make a pumpkin spice wheel. Simply cut a circle of orange paper and a slightly bigger wheel of brown. Quarter the brown "pie" and glue nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and ginger onto the quarters. Cut a quarter out of the orange wheel and connect to the brown wheel with a brad. You can also make the Pumpkin Patch word book very simply by printing the words "Pumpkin Patch" at the top of you paper, separate into 3 columns by labeling them 2 letter, 3 letter & 4 letter (as in words you can make).
 Hope this helps somebody! I was amazed at the amount of stuff I found on the web for ours, so be sure to "shop" around;)


Clare said...

Just go ahead and start collecting all those in an envelope for your sister! Thanks!:) Looks like fun.

Lisa said...

It does look like so much fun! Why didn't you just go ahead and list the "Thanksgiving" links and we could have all made that one at the same time and then "posted" them. LOL! Ok, you know I would never really get it done. Glad the kids are loving school.

Rachel said...

Lap books are great little keepers to add to the home school collection. Cayla has done a number of them in co-op.

I love your Pumpkin lap book. So cute; and what a great way to incorporate a little science into the seasonal festivities :)

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