Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bedroom Makeover

Yeah for Kelly! Who wisely advised me to forgo my Firefox browser when uploading pics, and instead use Internet Explorer. So Thanks again Kels!
Ok with the respects paid and out of the way. I can go forward about my blog pics.
The above pics are of my newly redone bedroom. Before Steve came home I went on a house cleaning spree, and ended up painting both the kids bedrooms and mine! I have to admit mine is my favorite. I had been saving my new bedding and such from Christmas until I could redo the entire room. I was hoping to have a new bedframe and a for once in my life a matching dresser. However as you can see from the pics that didn't happen. In fact I for went the bed frame entirely since it was perched on books and just put the mattress and boxsprings on the floor! Still I am entirely pleased with the overall look. I was a little timid about the gray paint on the walls but I now I am in love with it! I didn't buy hardly anything but the accessories so the whole room cost under $100 dollars out of my pocket:) Maybe oneday, someday I will add matching black furniture to the ensemble.
P.S. Lara if the lamp and table look a little familiar, we thank you for your donation:)


Rachel said...

It looks gorgeous - very classy!

Clare said...

It looks amazing! I must say I didn't think the gray paint would look as good as it does. Too bad I didn't know you needed another little table- I had an extra that I just donated to the thrift store. Oh well! I can feel you on the bedroom furniture. I think once we have matching sets (or at least pieces that coordinate with the theme of our rooms and isn't '80s rejects!) we can consider ourselves "all grown up".

Rachel said...

I guess I'm still in the bedroom furniture kid-phase, because nothing I own matches. In fact, I don't even have a head/foot board - how sad is that?

Lisa said...

Could you please help me? MOM
It looks great!

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