Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sorry ...20 years Late

OK, so sometimes personal experience IS what it is all about. Along those lines I would like to share some things I have experienced as a Mom that have made me say in my head "I am SO sorry Mom that I did this to you".
So this one's for you Mom:
  • I am sorry Mom that no matter how many times you asked I never cleaned my own toothpaste blobs out of the sink. Don't worry Gilly and Gidey daily remind me of this sin previously committed.
  • I apologize Mother that I never allowed you to own or even know where your scissors or scotch tape was. I now also am the owner of MIA office supplies.
  • Please forgive me for all the times I tattled on the most trivial of matters. I didn't realize that I was only making you feel like a full time referee. I now feel most days that I should where only black and white, with a whistle.
  • Accept my sincerest apologies on the matter of clothing: Not caring what you liked, not ever keeping things neat in my drawers or closets, or even for that matter getting the dirty ones where they belonged! Gillyan alone more than pays me back for this one on a daily basis.
  • Can you find it in your heart to forgive all the times I didn't give a care how a job got done because it didn't effect me? I now realize how much MORE work my carelessness made. Gideyon is the master of a speedy yet sloppy job so I comprehend this one fully.
And just think I have had all these revelations in the last 6 years! By the time my guys are teenagers hopefully I will have realized the complete extent of my transgressions and apologized profusely! In the mean time I will keep loving my two, and thanking God that my Mother is not a grudge holder:)


Lisa said...

This blog fills my heart with laughter which I severely need this week while I am packing. I am told that one day we will be sad when there are no "blobs" in the sink, but so far I haven't experienced it yet and it seems too far in the future to dream of now. Thanks for the apology although you have more than made up for it by giving me such delightful grandchildren and raising them to be such a joy for me. I love you all. MOM

Clare said...

I needed a laugh! Ahhh, it seems mom's curses on us are coming true. I keep my office supplies on the top of the fridge but I have a feeling that with Carson they will still be within his grasp. Farewell, scotch tape and scissors!

Rachel said...

Isn't it amazing how children can sweep through a room and in 10 minutes it looks like a tornado hit it? This is especially true when Autumn is involved.

I doubt I'll be sad when there's no more blobs in the then I'll be sad that the kids don't come visit often enough :(

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