Saturday, September 6, 2008

Everybody is Doing it!

Ok so I have to be honest I must be subject to peer pressure, because once I found out my Aunt, my sister, and most of my friends had blogs I had to do one too! Now mine is sure not to be as witty as my aunt's or as eloquent as my sister's, but I thought it would be fun anyways. Oh and to warn you I guarantee there will be grammar and spelling mistakes galore, so NO grades please!
Unfortunately I don't have a lot to put in tonight as it took me the computer genius an hour to set up my blog and profile. But hopefully I will having something more fun to report soon:)


Rachel said...

Hey Robyn - glad you took the plunge (if the whole world jumped off a bridge... :) It's pretty fun to keep people posted, and get to read what others are doing! Can't wait to see pics of the kiddos and hear all about life in your neck of the woods. Love to you all!

Clare said...

Yuck!Do you really have to show me up everywhere? :) I am sooo glad that I don't live next to you-Just kidding. I just figure that I have to have some sort of outlet-in blogging I can inflict my opinion on everyone without fear of being interuppted! Looks good so far!

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