Saturday, October 25, 2008


Ok so after much contemplation I finally thought of 6 things that most people wouldn't know about me but that I wouldn't be to embarrassed to admit.
The are in know particular order of importance or insanity:

1) I relieve stress by rearranging the furniture in my house. I just redid the living room and dining room this week, if you would like proof of the validity of this statement. This particular habit came into play the night before Gillyan was born and I took upon myself to rearrange our entire living quarters:)
2)I absolutely abhor talking on the phone! Especially if someone calls for no particular reason, they just "want to chat". It isn't that I don't want to keep up with you or all your going ons. I just prefer them in writtern form (blog, email, SOS whatever!) So please don't take it personal when I don't answer your calls, just leave me a message and if it is valid I will call you back:)
3) I am beyond Obessive Compulsive about matching. I am not talking just colors, I am discussing all aspects. Here are few examples- All spices in my cupboard are McComick brand, I won't buy anthing else. All cereal in my pantry must be by the same Manufactor, say I bought Cherrios this pay period, that would mean all other cereals in the pantry must be General Mills. This one is a great source of stress to my husband! Another example that isn't food is clothing, especially the childrens. I want the outfit they put on for the day to be all one brand, say Oshkosh, or Sonoma, or even Target. It just must all come from the same place.
Even my house some what follows this theme. All the rooms in my house (except the childrens) are either a color scheme of Black and neutrals, or a blend of Red, Green & Cream. The last peek in to my disorder is my need to have even my toothpaste be the same brand as my toothbrush. There now you know my deep dark secret!
4) I prefer things in even amounts, odd numbers are for odd people:) Even are kids hopefully will end up in even amounts. We would like 4. That number was arrived at by a little division. Steve is 1 of 2 children, I am 1 of 8. Four seemed like a fair amount:)
5) Salty over Sweet. If you want to tempt me off a diet offer me popcorn or chips (especially if there is dip!). I do enjoy dessert, but I would forgo it for another helping of mashed potatoes!
6)I always wanted a different name. Growing up I dreamed my last name would be Williams( I was to young to realize who that would reflect!) I am more than blessed though to have married a man with such a terrific last name and can't think of any better.I also always adored the first name Amy and would probably have changed my name to that if it weren't such a hassle!

OK, so now that you know not to call me and that I secretly go by Amy, you can come to my house and mis match my Tide detergent with Bounce softner to really drive me crazy!


Clare said...

You are hysterical! I am coming to your house and I have now put an evil plan in motion to mix up your spices and bring un-matching detergents! Bwah ha ha! (That's evil, maniacal laughter in case you didn't know.):)

Rachel said...

I want to know what happens when you're on a 'General mills' week and you don't eat all the cereal? Do you avoid 'Post' like the plague because it won't on.match your GM? Just curious. I too can appreciate OCD habits, fortunately my drugs work overtime so it lets me relax a LOT!

I'm still crazy though about all my towels/washcloths etc. facing the same direction. And lately I've starting color coordinating our closets. All shirts of one color go together, all pants, jeans etc. get placed by color.

OK, so the medicine doesn't work THAT well! :)

Lisa Dawn said...

I am only pshyco-matchey with my clothes. I have a real problem with anything that doesn't exactly match. When I went to Clare's house she tried to tell me that things can go together and look good and maybe not match perfectly.

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