Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gilly Loses her 1st Tooth

Gillyan officially turned 6 this month, see earlier blog, and just proceeded to lose her first tooth yesterday! It was big stuff for the whole family, her dad especially was glad to get a chance to be part of it before he leaves. So I have included a video clip ( a really BAD video clip) or the short experience and a few shots of Gilly before and after the big event.


Rachel said...

Congrats to Gilly. Is the toothfairy going to leave her some money?!

We saved Cayla's first tooth in a little bag with the date on it, and it's still in my jewelry box!

Rachel said...

Hey, I finally got the video to load - that was great. Did Gideyon say he wanted to put a raisin in the spot where her tooth was? At least that's what I heard and laughed out loud!

Lisa Dawn said...

I remember when you pulled out my first tooth. I was excited probably because of the money. How exciting for Steve to get to be the before he leaves.

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