Monday, October 13, 2008

Sorting it All Out

Today is Monday, a day that usually brings me such pleasure. However my world seems to be turned upside down in preparation for my husbands deployment. I am one to find a routine and stick to it, however he is making my schedule topsy turvy. I think the Army is cruel to decide that right before we take your spouse away for year we will allow them to be around as much as possible so you can suffer with the effects of their absence even more once they are gone!

So all that to say that my tidy little home, and my happily followed routines and schedules have been tossed to the wind the last week or so. Which I was trying to be OK with until this morning when I found Mt Laundry in my Laundry room! I almost dissolved into tears on the spot, because my normal agenda allows me to do 1 load a day and I am ALWAYS caught up this way. But as I said normal has been an ugly word around here, so the laundry had been allowed to slide for the last few days. But instead of weeping, I decided to that we had to have clean towels so I would at least put those in, so as I am throwing towels in the washer I start throwing other things into like piles (most people would call that sorting but it wasn't on purpose so I don't think I should:). And as I reached for the last towel I realized something- I only had about 3 loads of wash! I had truly made a mountain out of a mole hill.

I think my lesson from all this was how often I with "Eeyore" syndrome as my dad calls it, make much out of not much. Very often I am sure. So I think from now on when I start to feel the world caving in on me, I am going to attempt to sit down and "sort it all out" and see if it is really the huge traumatic issue I am trying to make it.
So along those lines I think I will sign off and go enjoy my family while we are all still together, remembering that Mt Laundry after Steve is gone may very well be all I have to do!


Rachel said...

If you have Mt. Laundry then I have the laundry universe! I literally have every laundry basket full....can you say 'runneth over'?!!!

I was at Andrea's last night and she was apologizing for having a large basket of laundry in her laundry room. I laughed...because I have large basket(S), PLURAL and NO excuse whatsoever for not having it done.

Today I'm paying for it though. I'll be thinking about you as I load my 15th basket into the washer. *SIGH*

Clare said...

Do you know how much people want to hate you for saying that you are always caught up on your laundry? Things will get better-I promise. Just relax and try to enjoy this time. Although I completely agree with you about the too much time off comment!

Lisa said...

OK ladies, what should I call my laundry mountain? Mt. Overflowest, Mt Olympus, Mt 98 Socks even if we only wear 1 pair each every day which virtually never happens, most days some of us wear two pairs. I try to thank the Lord that my washer and dryer work and having only 3 loads is cause for rejoicing and not weeping.

And did you say something about Eeyore? Why he is my favorite! Love, MOM

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