Monday, October 27, 2008


So I figured since I am always jealous of all the little mentions of fall like weather I needed to make myself feel better about living in Texas. So here is what I came up with: $2.13, that is how much a gallon of unleaded fuel is right now. So while our coolest day yet may be a sunny 68, I paid a paltry 38 dollars to fill up my mini van! So I guess according to my budget I should never move, but according to my heart I would love to live in Spokane! It has been thrilling though to watch the price drop. I promised Steve that if it dropped under $2 I would take a picture of the sign and post it for him. So be on the look out, gas has been dropping here at a rate of at least a penny a day!


Rachel said...

$2.13! $2.13! Throw out the milk, the kids drink unleaded from now on! :)

Clare said...

Gas here was $2.58/gallon, and I was thankful for that-until I read your post.:) Actually, I said I would throw a party when it went under $3 so I am still pretty happy. It really is the little things!

Lisa said...

It is those little things that make us all smile. Gas here isn't too bad although it has been about a week since I bought any so am not sure the going rate. I am too busy using it to notice what I pay for it.

Fall is definitely in the air and even Texas should have beautiful red and yellow leaves, one of my favorite parts.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

hi, i'm here again... nice post. yeah, all of us are watching for the gas pricing... rachel's comment made me laugh... :)

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