Monday, May 24, 2010

Manic Monday- Friends, Fun & Frosting

So I have been meaning to post this blog for like a month. I kept waiting to post it on Family Fridays, however you will notice I haven't exactly been on "it" lately with the blogging. Totally bitter last week and didn't want to taint my faithful readers with my bad attitude which would have spilled out no matter how hard I tried. 

None the less....I want to share the following photos of my guys making the CUTEST watermelon cookies, with our adorable friends Julia & James. It was SO much fun and super easy. I kept thinking I either need two more kids or to run a daycare, because I had so much fun working with them on this. The concept behind the watermelon cookies was Gilly's genius. She saw the really tiny soft round sugar cookies at the store and they had pink frosting and black sprinkles, to which she ask "Mom do you think one day we could make watermelon looking cookies?" . If I had been thinking I would have just bought the package it would have been cheaper! However not nearly as fun:)  

All I really did was use my favorite sugar cookie recipe and a TON of green food coloring. I then let the kids cut out all sizes of circles and then we halved some of them to make "wedges". I baked the cookies, whipped up two huge batches of pink/red icing, and then let the kids go to town frosting them. We used chocolate jimmies to garnish them with seeds, cause I searched high and low and couldn't find black sprinkles. 

They were as yummy as they were cute! So with out further rambling onto the pictures!
Some of the finished product:)

So the photo captions which weren't cooperating should be:
1) My happy cooking crew cutting and rolling.
2) The girls slathering their cookies in frosting.
3) The boys more interested in the sprinkles than anything else.
4) Gillyan's Masterpieces
5) Gideyon's Masterpieces
6) My Masterpieces with a bite to make sure they weren't poisoned;)

To much fun will have to do this again with my guys sometime! Maybe next time we will attempt citrus fruits, oranges, lemons, and limes...


Rachel said...

So cute! I love the brilliant colors. p.s. How are you photos centered? I can never center mine - they always move to the side, even when I select the 'center' button. Hmmmm???

Robyn said...

Sorry R.D. I just don't know! I actually had the pics in like a diamond shape with 1 on top, 2 in middle, 2 more in next row, and 1 on bottom. But as soon as I hit "publish blog" it lined them all up again! The only thing I can think to tell you is that I hit enter to go to the next line before I attach the pic. As usual I am SO not the tech savvy person you need. Ask Kelly;)

Rachel said...

So, I guess it doesn't matter where my pics are located....however, I will say that when I upload them, even if I've typed my entire post, it ALWAYS dumps the photos in the top left corner, so I have to copy and paste my script above the pictures. So annoying.

Missy said...

Love the watermelons! I bet the citrus fruits would be super cute too!

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