Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tasty Tuesday-Poke Cupcakes

If your stores are anything like around here you are finding an abundance of cheap strawberries! Here is one of my husbands favorite ways to eat up those red berries. This is a take on one my mother in laws recipes. Recipe is a loose term, really it is more like a few directions! 

Whatcha ya need:
  1. Boxed White Cake Mix and ingredients to make it (egg whites, oil, water)
  2. Small box of instant strawberry jello
  3. Strawberries, sliced and sprinkled with sugar so that they form a small amount of juice.
  4. One small Container of cool whip ( I actually used a can of spray whip, I bought several at Sam's cheap and I needed to use them up!)
Start by preparing and baking the cupcakes according to box directions. Let the cupcakes cool slightly. Prepare strawberry jello by mixing ONLY with 1 cup boiling water. Proceed to poke several holes in the top of your cupcakes with a fork or toothpick.
Once your cupcakes are poked take your strawberry jello and pour right on top of cupcakes. The slower you do this the better the absorption of the jello. I also recommend doing this over your sink. I made a HUGE mess during this step!

Allow cupcakes to set and cool completely before topping with cool whip and strawberries. I also recommend only topping the amount you plan to eat. The cupcakes don't save so well with cool whip and strawberries already on them unless you keep them in the Fridge, and I don't know about you but I rarely have room to store 2 dozen cupcakes in my fridge!

Hope you enjoy these easy seasonal treats! If you don't want all the hassle of cupcakes this recipe is EVEN easier made as a 9x13 cake! Either way I don't want any comments telling me this recipe has to many steps for you all!;)


Lisa said...

I like your nice cooling racks. Are they Pampered Chef? I used to make poke cakes. Your Grandma Kaye showed me how I think. Your cupcakes are soooo pretty. I think I will make them for a potluck. Our church has them monthly and I usually go because there is some meeting afterwards. I also go because this church does a good job with having enough food for all the people (which you know isn't too many :o)

I am so enjoying your frequent blogs. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Rachel said...

Oh these look so fun. I think my family would love them, and I could have them without the strawberries. I LOVE that canned whipping cream; I can eat it straight out of the can. In fact, I often do :)

I too am enjoying your frequent posts. It's a way of connecting with you despite being so many miles apart. Love you!

Clare said...

Okay so today I was certain you said, "Coke Cupcakes"-couldn't figure out why you had to use red dye-just goes to show sometimes there is humility in asking. But maybe that could be an idea for your next recipe...:)

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