Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thematic Thursday- Summertime fun

So today was a warm 94 degrees, which made it feel all to much like summer was already here at the beginning of May! So in honor of the summer days to come I am listing off some of my favorite Summer things. As usual these are in no particular order:)

1)Sprinkler/Pool time for my kids! I love being able to shove my guys in the backyard in swimsuits with Popsicles and let them run off their energy!

2)Summer Fruits and Veggies:) I love how fresh fruits and veggies are so much more affordable and plentiful this time of year. We have already been enjoying blackberries, strawberries, watermelon and asparagus on a daily basis! Can't wait for corn, cucumbers and even "tomuckoes" to come in season. I am especially impatient for some of my garden to harvest!

3)I am totally in love with the scent Summer Orchard at Bath&Body Works. It smells so fresh, yet isn't to heavy. I have been burning either my candle or the oil almost everyday.

4)I probably don't even need to mention my forever continuing obsession with flops, but I can't help it. I cover my feet up as few months of the year as possible and then bask in the glory of painted toenails and flip-flops all the rest of the year! As you can see from my flip flop holder I cleaned house a little in order to make room for the new ones I am sure to find and fall in love with this summer:)

5)Grilling!!! I have been making my husband grill about every other day here lately. I love how it feels like I didn't have to "cook" when all I do is throw together a fresh side dish and prepare a big pitcher of iced tea. We have grilled everything here lately except fish. I think we are going to tackle that one though before the summer is over.  One of my very favorites is just good ole burgers. Wish I had a pic of the tasty ones Steve made the other day, but didn't think of it at the time.

Well ladies that wraps it up for today. Jot a short comment letting me know what your favorite thing about summer is! P.S. Had to include a close up of the cute garden markers my kids decorated for our little garden. Thought they did such a good job with their veggies:)


Rachel said...

It all sounds amazing. Especially the warm weather. I can't wait for it to warm up here!

The kids' garden markers are darling. They did a GREAT job :)

bzgoulds2 said...

Cute kids you've got there! I love your shoe organizer. I can't believe it's hot enough to be in the water. Love, Grams

Keck said...

Hey Robyn,
Your Kids are so cute! So are their garden markers.
My favorite summer thing is probably either Flops or maybe the yummy food. I also so enjoy the heat. Aww, the wonderfullness that is 90 degree weather!!! :) (Texas here I come! JK!)
Hope to see ya soon,
Love ya,

Lisa said...

I need some garden markers. Oh yeah, I don't really because I don't have a garden. I had hoped to have one this year, but it hasn't happened. I hope you get to reap a harvest before you move. Maybe someone else will benefit from all of your hard labor.

Watermelon is one of my favorite summertime things!
Enjoying all your picture posts.

Love You, MOM

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