Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Works Wednesdays-Sally Hansen Insta Dri Polish

So I played with the name of Wednesdays theme a bit. Still trying to come up with something that isn't such a mouthful! Not entirely satisfied with this name either since my intent was not to only post stuff I like, but stuff I tried and want to keep you from trying cause it sucks! But I guess I will go with it for now.

Onto the Product:
My sister always teases me that the only thing I keep in excess is hygiene/grooming products. And while I don't like to admit it she is right. I have gone through 3 different types of shampoos,conditioners, and body washes (each!) in the last 2 months. I refuse to use up a product I don't love, however when I do love something I tend to buy it in excess. See when I love a product the manufacturers are instantly alerted and discontinue the item withing months normally!

All that to say that I recently tried a product that has been out for a while and found that I adore it! It is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color.

I picked these up at Wally World. They cost around $5. So while they aren't the cheapest Polish there they are totally worth it!This stuff does everything it touts. Not only does it dry within minutes you only need one coat! No primer, no topcoat, just one (albeit liberal) coat:) The last time I used this polish was right before Easter and it held up with chipping for about 10 days. Now granted I don't wear a lot of closed toed shoes, but I thought that was pretty dang good for a 2 minute pedicure. I used my lovely model Gilly to show off the pretty coral color.

I figured you would rather look at her cute little pigs than my fat feet. Plus I was wearing the darker color which isn't the best in photos and has been on now for about 2 weeks;P. So now no excuses to not have pretty sandal ready toes. Let me know what colors you try!


Keck said...

Okay, while I haven't tried the lovely nail polish, I did try the recipe. It was really yummy! I didn't have any fresh jalapenos, darn! But even without them it was pretty tasty. Lisa Dawn said it was a little too sweet, but I didn't think so.:)
Thanks a ton,

Lisa said...

Glad to hear that the SH instant polish works. I really like the Maybelline quick dry, but will try the SH also now that you have given it the RG Seal of approval!

Am enjoying your new approach to blogging.

Rachel said...

I too want to try it. I love painted toenails but HATE waiting for them to dry. I have a separate quick-dry top coat, but I don't think it's as fast!

Clare said...

I need a pedi for sure, I think I will be better able to spring for $5 than $30 though. I am sure I still won't be as cute as Gilly-was she excited to sit on the table?:)

Lisa Dawn said...

I have my nails painted pink from Easter and it really needs taken off! I am looking for a good red nail polish, because I have bought a couple and they always turn out orangey! So if you have a good one let me know.

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