Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursdays Theme- Cherries

Not sure I will stick with Thursdays as a "theme" day, however I was so excited about my purchase today at Sam's that I am really stuck on Cherries at the moment. Today while I was at Sam's I found Chudley's Cherry Blossoms! Now I will admit the berry kind are my favorite, but when you live in the sticks you will take whatever "blossom" you find. This lead me to think about other cherry items, both "likes" and "dislikes" . So since I LOVE a list I thought I would share them with you:)

Cherry Items I Like/Love:
  • Cherry Starburst
  • Cherry Blossom scent from Bath & Body (not Japanese Cherry Blossom!)
  • Cherry Turnovers (vs Apple Turnovers, but don't worry I will eat either!)
  • Black Cherry Juice from Welchs
  • Fresh Cherries ( Not sure which type, just not the tart ones )
Cherry Things that I Dislike/Hate:
  • Cherry scented CarFreshners (to sickly sweet!)
  • Cherry Preserves or Jam (to many chunks)
  • Cherry Pie (I don't like all the smooshy cherries)
  • Cherry Chapstick (makes me feel 6 years old)
  • Chocolate Covered Cherries (need I say more!!)
So I am sure that is not an all inclusive list so feel free to comment and let me know your likes/dislikes in the cherry category.

To round out this post I thought I would finish out with one of the only Cherry recipes I know. My mother in laws "Cherry Ice Box Dessert", she is somewhat famous for this dessert around her part of the country. This reminds me of a combo of 4 Layer Dessert and Cherry Cheesecake. Enjoy!

Goodman Cherry Ice Box Dessert
  • 2 sticks margarine (I use butter)
  • 2 Pkgs (Bricks) Graham Crackers finely Crushed
  • 2 Pkgs Dream Whip (you find this in the baking aisle in box)
  • 2-8 oz Pkgs Cream Cheese
  • 1/2 Cup Sugar
  • 2 Cans Cherry Pie Filling with some of the liquid removed ( I remove a lot of the juice personally)
Beat Margarine (I melt mine) and then mix in Cracker Crumbs. Press in bottom and up sides of 9x13 pan. Prepare Dream Whip according to package. Beat Cream Cheese with sugar in separate bowl. Combine Dream Whip mixture with Cream Cheese mixture. Spread over Graham Cracker Crust, then top with Pie filling. Let set up in Fridge for a couple hours. 
P.S. The original recipe called for 3 cans of cherry filling, my MIL said the cans used to be smaller. However I find 2 cans to be plenty! 
P.S.S. If you can't find Dream Whip you can subtitute Cool Whip. I will tell you though that Dream Whip does give it a little better consistency and changes the flavor slightly.


Robyn said...

Since Grams isn't a blogger she sent her response to my email. But it was so fun I thought I would post it here to share with you guys:

Cherry items I like:/love :

Cherry pie tart Heated alamode - Yummy
Cherry coughdrops -Ludens- only cough drop
Cherry tarts
Cherry turnovers
Cherry chapstick
Cherry Delight

Hate or dislike :

Cherries by themselves
Sweet cherries
Chocolate covered marishino cherries
Cherry flavored medicine ( Pepto Bismol makes me throw -up ) ~Grams

Lisa said...

What fun! Thanks Robyn. I loved Grams responses. She is so funny at times. I guess I didn't know she didn't like cherries. I thought she was allergic to them. LOL!

And maybe it will surprise you to hear that all of your favorites are indeed mine, too, with the exception of the Bath and Body scent which I don't know if I am familiar with.

All of the things you dislike, I don't like either with the exception of Cherry Jam which I think is ok.

Cherry has always been my favorite flavor and I will pick it most anytime especially in a Starburst or a Lifesavor.

Lisa Dawn said...

I love lemon the most. But, I do love cherry limeade. I think I need to buy some Dream Whip and try that dessert. Thanks for the fun post!

Rachel said...

I love cherries, but I am the allergic one :( I love cherry pie, cherry dessert, cherry Starburst and a ton of other stuff. But cherry chapstick is icky!

Come bake for me ok? Your dessert sounds divine....but mostly because it has cream cheese!!! p.s. LOVE your daily blogs. LOVE!!!

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