Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thematic Thursday- Going Green

Since today is Earth Day I am posting my favorite "green" items. These are in no particular order:)
  • My Patty Reed reusable totes! These are SO pretty and sturdy. I get TONS of compliments on them. I hardly ever shop with out them anymore. If you would like to pick some up and don't happen to have a Fred Meyer store available, go to her website. Totally worth the money, had lots of reusable shopping bags, these are tops!   
  • My reusable Starbucks cups. I own both the cool beverage and hot beverage cups. They both look exactly like the disposable version but are totally reusable down to the straw! Plus they keep my drink warm/cold for hours longer than the paper ones.
  • My Garden! I planted a little square foot garden this year. And due to limited growing time (we move 1st of July) I could only plant fast things. Therefore I basically planted salsa:) you know tomatoes, jalapenos, green peppers, and cilantro. The only thing I won't be putting in my salsa is my cucumbers! I couldn't take a pic because it was to dark. But I will probably post about my garden another day anyway.
Well sadly enough I am obviously not very "green" cause I really couldn't think of anything else earth friendly that I do. We used to recycle but since we moved this lil ole town doesn't offer it. I guess I will have to strive a little harder to be reduce/reuse friendly. In the mean time I will be content with  looking cool with my reusable tote and Starbucks cup!;)


Lisa Dawn said...

Ah! This post made me glow green with pride not envy! You know I love anything a little crazy and eco. Today I took my little Patty Reed tote (with a peace sign on it, of course.) to the library. I love those totes!

Rachel said...

Those totes are the best. Lightweight, convenient, sizable and most of all, cute! I have several of them and while I should use them for groceries, I mostly use them to transport things back and forth to Co-op and church!

I save my 'ugly' (meaning, store brand) bags for grocery shopping.....when I remember to take them in :)

In the words of Kermit the Frog, "It ain't easy being green."

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