Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog Overhaul!!

It's long overdue so here it is! I am officially overhauling my blogging life. If you have met me you know that I LOVE a LIST! I have been told that I obsessively organize and I admit I do love a routine. SO why I never adopted that attitude towards my blog I will never figure out. However now that I have had that revelation I am applying it. My new blog will have a structure/routine. I am going to have some sort of theme for the 5 weekdays. Does this mean I will post a new blog every day? Chances are good....NO! I had an epiphany not an intervention! Yet I think going to my computer everyday and having some direction in which to take my blogging will increase the postings. So with out further ado my new blogging schedule:

Manic Mondays- this will be my "free" day, I may post ANY random thoughts I want that day.
Tasty Tuesdays- Maybe my weekly menu, usually a recipe and hopefully a picture. Let me know what you want to see here and I will do my best.
What I tried Wednesdays- This one is a mouthful so if you have a better name please send it to me! I often get asked about new products I have tried or even things I have use that just work! So on this day I will post a product that I have tried or I currently use and give it my "Robyn Rating". Suggestions for products are welcome:)
Thursdays??- Ok honestly I am stumped as to what to post Thursdays but I didn't want to put my blog on hold while I figured it out.
Family Fridays- I will try and post quips and pics from current family going ons.

Wish me luck! I am not so good with the posting of pics and all of this together will be a learning experience. I am excited about it though and hope it is as fun as I think it will! Kels, Aunt Dawn, even Clare hope you are prepared to field some questions about posting pics, linking things etc!


Keck said...

Yeah for Robyn! I am glad you are going to start posting. Can't wait to read them. I have a 24 hour help line. Ready to drop anything and give helpful (hopefully) information.
Love ya Kel

Rachel said...

Wow! That sounds amazing. I cannot wait to read your new layout :)

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