Monday, April 26, 2010

Manic Monday-Toilet Paper, Teeth and other Tidbits

SO since I said I can post whatever I want on Mondays, and I didn't post a Family Friday, I am going to post a few tidbits from our family over the last week. 
Starting with the big news for our big boy. My favorite six year old in the world lost his first tooth last week! Funny enough on the same day his six year old uncle did:) He actually lost another tooth over the weekend so here is the timeline in pictures:

Next in Family News: I have two little Monsters! Literally! See I have this basket in the Main Bathroom, it holds toilet paper, it looks like this:
So I go into that bathroom last week and I see this:

Now it is not unusual for me to find 1 roll missing, but to find 2!!? So I immediately holler for my children and ask "does anyone know what happened to the toilet paper?" Gilly scampers off to return holding a raggy, dirty, looks like may have been chewed on 1/3 of a roll of toilet paper. She hands it to me and says matter of factly " My brother and I were trying to be mummies yesterday and the blankets wouldn't stay wound up so good. But the toilet paper worked great!" Wish I had seen that! Don't ask where I was or what I was doing apparently my children run the show around here. Also wish I had taken pic of gnarly TP or little tiny mummies but no such luck:(

And finally because somehow she always gets the shaft since her brother is such a ham, I thought I would share a pic of my little sous chef:

She takes her job so seriously! But she is such a joy to me, and has really become a big help in the kitchen.

Well Folks that's all I have for today! 
P.S. I heard some of you don't prefer to be emailed my posts. If this is the case please leave me a comment telling me so and I will take you off the list. NO Biggie!:)


Rachel said...

Love the Longaberger Bagel Basket as your TP holder - that's super cute!

While I would have loved to have seen pics of the kids dressed as mummies, I'm secretly glad my girls won't be seeing them....don't want to give the little critters any ideas :)

Rachel said...

p.s. How do you get your pictures to line up in the middle of your blogs? Even when I click the button indicating everything will center, it still loiters on the left hand side. Hmmm?

Robyn said...

R.D.~ I updated my format editor. I didn't do anything fancy, there was a button "update" and I clicked it. Ever since my pics are easy peasy, however my writing formats have given me trouble. Sorry I know as usual I wasn't much help. To be honest, when I lined the pics up of Gidey they were all in one straight row. When I hit publish they appeared in that triangle shape! Really have no clue what I am doing, just having fun doing it;)

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