Thursday, April 25, 2013

Deployment Care Package: The Spring Cleaning Version

Most of you that read this know that Steve deployed to Afghanistan in February. Since he left I have already mailed him an Easter Care Package. However I have several theme care packages in mind. This is the first of them. I am sure it won't be his favorite box ever, but I had fun putting it together. I call it the "Spring Clean" box.

I started with a medium flat rate box, and jazzed it up a tiny bit with of Scrapbook paper and a little quote/song lyric.

Then I added the cleaning elements. Some dish soap (double wrapped!) for the occasional travel mug washing, a sponge & disposable cleaning rags, Magic erasers, pre-moistened dusting wipes that are safe for electronics, a fuzzy duster, and of course multi-purpose wipes.

Then I added the "smelly stuff".  A plug in warmer & 2 refills. Steve loves a candle, so even though I know he won't be able to light it I couldn't resist putting in the tiny candle. 

 Of course I had to include a few rewards for chores well done;) I put in the most recent issue of his gaming magazine, some k-cups for his office, a DVD he requested, and an adorable pair of yellow submarine boxers.

Then I threw in some notes from the kiddos, and a recent picture of them:)

Here is the finished box, packed up, ready to tape up, and ship out:)

Hope he gets a little smile from it. 


Clare said...

You could send me one of those-maybe it would give me some motivation!:) Where in the world did you get a Polaroid from? It is from an app? Super cute!

Rachel said...

That's a super cute idea - I love it! Hope it's well appreciated :)

Emma Banks said...

Hi Robyn!

I just finished checking out your blog and wanted to see if you might be interested in collaborating on something. If you'd like to discuss, just send me an email when you have a chance!


emmabanks9 (at) gmail (dot) com

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