Friday, September 6, 2013

Deployment Care Package: The "Sweetest Comeback" Version (Hostess Snacks!)

I had the best inspiration for a care package for my Honey when Hostess brought back out some of its products in July! Right there on the package it claimed "The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever.".
And I thought how cute that phrase would be to use on a care package. Plus Steve's a junk food junkie. He literally searched our little town for weeks hoping for one last Twinkie when they went out last year! So I knew a Hostess Snack Box would be very well received.

Here are the basics of my box:
The most important element: The snacks! Originally I had planned not to put any chocolate in due to melting issues, but then I decided to chance it. I figure he may appreciate a melted HoHo more than most people;)

The Box: I put some cute Hostess colored scrapbook paper on the flaps. 
Then I attached this saying " Hostess Got it Wrong... When you "Comeback" That will be the "Sweetest"!

Extras: The snacks filled the box up most of the way. So I only had room for a couple extra things.
 I threw in his latest GameInformer and a pic of our little sweetie pie munching on one of his fruit pies:)

This was my finished box. All it needed was to be taped up and have the customs form filled out:) 
Hope my Guy has as much fun opening and eating it as I did putting it together!

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Rachel said...

I love this. What a clever and adorable care package. p.s. I love that Steve's a junk-food junkie. We definitely have that in common :)

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