Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bento-Quick and Easy, a Confession, and a Resolution

So I have decided to go back to posting what seems fun to me. For about the last year I was trying to "impress" all my non-existent readers with things I found to be popular. Or I was just using my blog as a baby diary;) But I am valiantly going to try and post more often, and of things that come naturally to me and that make me happy. These are the post I like to come back and look at and read, since I seem to be my blogs' own "biggest fan".

I do LOVE making fun lunches for my kiddos. Since we homeschool I only pull out the lunchboxes once a week for co-op. But honestly I look forward to this part of co-op a TON;)
Here was this weeks little Bento Box style lunch. My son had requested that I make "less" lunch, evidently I usually get carried away and pack to much food! So this was my attempt at packing a smaller lunch.
This little lunch contained: 3 rolled up slices of Buffalo Chicken deli meat, a stack of cheddar shaped stars, a tiny container of trail mix, a row of wheat thins crackers, a small handful of grapes, and to separate the grapes from the crackers I wedged a mini candy bar in between them:)
 I apologize that the coloring of this pic stinks:/ I make the lunches the night before, and there is no good lighting for photography in this house at night! I also may or may not have been lazy and snapped this pic with my IPhone...
My son deemed this lunch a success both in taste and size, so I may be using this little lunch container more often!


Katy Riddle said...

I wish you lived here. I would totally hire you to pack my school lunches and I like "more" lunch.

Clare said...

Love this-actually feels like something I could do.;) I think that you should blog about what you love-that's kind of the point!

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