Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Easy Bat Bento

So I am just popping in to put up a few pics of  my kids bento. I sent these this week for their lunch at homeschool co-op. They were super easy. And I thought I better get them up before the end of the month:P

These were suppose to be "Bat" themed.But that might be a stretch... We don't really do Halloween, however there are some aspects we can't resist. And when my kids found bat shaped brownies at the store, I said yes. Bats are not inherently evil;) Not to mention once we got them home and opened them, they actually more resemble butterflies:/

I had small ham sandwich on a Kings Hawaiian Roll, embellished with a fruit strip Bat cutout and some pringles in the left compartment. The middle compartment had some olives, and smaller container with some yogurt raisins and a Bat pick. The far right had a juice smoothie box and the bat/butterfly brownie. 

This is actually how I fit the brownie in with the juice box:) See how much that goofy thing looks like a butterfly even from this angle!

I packed this in our Rubbermaid Lunchblox boxes and was a little bummed, cause once the kids got to co-op their sandwiches were soggy:( Evidently even though I drained the olives, the little bit of liquid left seeped into the other compartment. Guess from now on I will only pack dry things in the multi-compartment version of this box. We have another version and it contains individual containers that stack together, so that may be better for wet things....

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Rachel said...

I want a bat bento. Looks so fun. Perfect for this time of year :)

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