Saturday, October 26, 2013

Deployment Care Package: The "Living Dead without You" version

I am SO excited to be sharing this care package with you!!! Not because it's the best theme, or even has the greatest things in it. Mostly because it may be the LAST care package I have to send! That's right, rumor has it that my Hubby may be coming home early! 3 months early!!! We will officially be one of those Army families that other Army families are jealous of;)
Anywhoo enough about me. Here's what you really want to see:

So even though we don't do Halloween in this house, I thought it would be fun for Steve to receive a "scary" box this month. And for some reason I kinda like Zombies:/ I haven't looked to deep into this, so I am not really sure why...Maybe it started when I was pregnant and my kids hooked me on Plants VS Zombies!

Anyway I started with my usual. A box decorated accordingly. I had the kids make "bloody" hand prints and we glued them to the box flaps. I put the saying "Without you we are like the living dead" on the final flap.

Then I filled it with theme appropriate goodies. 
First up the Entertainment stuff:
The newest zombie movie "World War Z", and oldie/cheap zombie movie "Rise of the Zombies" and a Zombie slaying game for his DS.

Next I put in some goofy/ stress relieving stuff:
An tiny "Adopt a Zombie kit", some squishy Nerf zombie bombs, and a "Grow a Zombie"

Then I added the Gross parts:
Some edible sour string "brains" and a creepy zombie mask

Whats a care package without Food!?! :
So I stuck in some Gummies and a thing of "Zombie Food"

Finally I put in some fun games:
Zombie Bowling, Zombie Dice & some Zombie playing Cards.

Personally I hope he brings the Zombie Bowling home with him. I would love to knock a few Zombie pins down:)

This was the first box that I attempted to embellish. You can see that I crisscrossed some "Zombie Outbreak" Tape that I picked up at the Dollar Store across the top of the box. I am hoping when he opens the box it will look the same...we shall see:/

So this box was fun even if it was kinda gross;)

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Rachel said...

That's so awesome about Steve. Your box is too fun. Steve will looooove it.

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