Monday, April 22, 2013

Muffin Tin Monday: Earth Day Version

I have actually done a few muffin tins here and there since Gwen has been born. But they either weren't picture/post worthy or I just didn't have the energy to document them:/ I was pretty pleased with today's though and wanted to share. 
WARNING: If you have issues with food dye (especially blue) this is not the post for you!;)

I got my inspiration for today's tin from these adorable cupcakes I had seen on Pinterest. I was super brave and even let the kiddos help me assemble & bake these! They turned out really well, and were pretty tasty without icing. However the kids insisted that some of them have "atmosphere" or "clouds", AKA as frosting;)

I rounded out the rest of the tin with the following: Reusable cup with Blue Kool-aid, A Turkey Bagel Sandwich with a homemade earth pick, an all natural blueberry & yogurt smoothie pouch, some sliced kiwi with frozen blueberries (my kids prefer them that way!), our little earth cupcakes, and a handful of steamed edamame pods. I offered the kids veggie straws instead of the edamame, but they are addicted to the popping of the soybeans:) 

Gideyon is always photo bombing my tins!;) The cupcakes look miniature because I serve my guys food in jumbo muffin tins. They are 9 & 10, so a regular muffin portion of most things doesn't cut it anymore.

Happy Earth Day!


Keck said...

What's the frosting made out of? And I'm glad Lou photobombs ;) I like seeing him haha These look yummy! And they're very earth friendly :)

Mamabelly said...

Love your MTM! The cupcakes are amazing!

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