Friday, December 10, 2010

This Gifty Takes the Cake!

The Gifty today can't even really be qualified as a craft, it is SO stinkin Easy! However it is truly cheap & looks good too, so I will share all two steps involved;)

Today's Gifty is a Cake Stand!

Gather your supplies: One Plate of your choice, any candle holder that has a flat top & bottom, & E6000 glue.

Now ready for these complicated step by step instructions?!
1) Turn your Candle Holder upside down and apply a strip of glue all the way around the edges. ( I know it looks like I put glue in the middle, I did NOT that is just the color of the glass)

2) Take your plate and turn it upside down & place candle holder in middle glue side down.

3) Allow to dry for 24 hours. And Voila you have this cute little cake/cookie/candy stand to take to your neighbor or give as a perfect Hostess gift at a Christmas Party. And it took you like 2 minutes and cost less than $5 bucks:) I bought my plates at Tjmaxx or Kohls and paid about $3 a piece for them. Then candle holders came from Micheals or Kmart and I paid less than $2 for each of them.

So since everybody cried "Foul" yesterday, I am giving away EITHER example today. So just leave a comment telling me which one, and what yummy thing you would put on it. All winners will be listed sometime this weekend.
P.S. The Poinsettia one is much prettier in person, I really need a new camera!


Rachel said...

I've never heard of e6000 glue but it looks terrific. Must acquire! Such a cute idea. Where ARE you getting all your great ideas?! LOVE the snowman especially, but man those are C-U-T-E!!!

Clare said...

I, of course, want the snowman one. Even if the poinsettia one is pretty in person.:) I am loving the fun giveaways. I would do one on my blog but it would probably never make it in the mail...:)

Lisa said...

These were a bit hit and now all of us will have at least one very cute one, provided we can find the "special" glue. I don't envy you having to mail one of these, but if perchance you wish to send one my way, then you know I am the snowman collector after all! I honestly would enjoy any of your many giveaways. I am still so totally impressed that you would do this for your fans!!!!!!!!! You're great!!!!!!!!!!

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