Sunday, December 12, 2010

And the winners are....

Last week was SO fun! I hope you got at least an idea or two, or just had a good time entering all the raffles. But I won't drag this out, I will get on to all the winners! I again used to decide the winners, and ran the numbers again if the same person won so everybody would have a chance to win something. If you gripe at me I promise to send your gift to someone else!;)

Day 1- Winner of the Ribbon Twirler: Rachel Dawn
Day 2-Winner of the Jar of Nuts: Grams/Lisa
Day 3- Winner of the Cup Sleeve & Gift Card: Clare
Day 4-Winner of the Hand Towel Apron: Lisa Dawn
Day 5- Winner of the Cake Stand: Lisa

P.S. Since Clare wanted the Green cup sleeve and I originally pulled Rachel Dawn's number but she had won already, I am sending Rachel the black cup sleeve as well.
Whew! Hope this seems fair, I tried my hardest!
P.P.S. I realized Kelly didn't win ANYTHING at all, and she is one of my biggest fans! So if she sends me a comment letting me know which project was her favorite I will see what I can do.:)
I really did enjoy sharing all my ideas with you. So much in fact that I am still gonna post a couple of super fast ones this week. So be watching for them. However I won't be raffling them. Mostly cause they are things that wouldn't mail well, or weren't very big, and because it is getting to close to Christmas to try and mail them out in time. Thanks so much for all your fun comments last week, you made my days brighter!


Lisa Dawn said...

Ahhh! Oh my! I am soooo excited! I won the adorable notepad and the apron! I have never won a blog giveaway but have now won two! Thanks so much Robyn! This was super fun! I may have to be a little crafty and buy the stuff to do some of these projects! Thank you for the fun week of blogging!

Lisa said...

Yippee for all the winners! What fun for all of us. I look forward to your other fun projects. Perhaps someday I will be so inspired to post one of my own projects, but I would have to have Kels take the pictures. I did find a new recipe for some cranberry oatmeal cookies that you put the ingredients in a jar.....I gave some away, but haven't tried the actual recipe......I should try it.
Anyway, I am excited about more blogs. Love you bunches, MOM

Rachel said...

Oh yea, I won a twirler AND a cup sleeve. How fun! Wish we could do this more often! Did Grams make comments to your e-mail? I never saw them on your blog, but I know she reads it. Loved your ideas and shared the cake plate/stand idea with numerous people. Can't wait to make one. Thanks for the super fun week! Love you!

Keck said...

Robyn Dearest,
I would like to request one of your amazing cup sleeves, that is absolutely adorable. As were all the items posted during the Gifties and giveaways week. It will look completely adorable on my reusable cup. In fact I may just have to take when I go to Starbucks with people. ;) I cannot wait to see it. Because it will probably be one of my favorite items! And at some point in time I may just have to write a blog on how much I enjoy it. Because I am sure I will! Thank you so much for including me in your giveaways, you are my heroine, and one day I'd like to be just like you. :D You're the bestest sister in the whole wide world. Not to negate the fact that I adore all my other sisters, but you are my favorite, because Clare has you, and you have Clare, and Katy has Lisa Dawn, and Lisa Dawn has Katy so I just decided I'd pick you! Did I mention this whole comment is on a cup sleeve I've never even seen before? ;) But I am quite positive I will love it, so it isn't in vain! :) I love you Robyn, say hi to the kids and Steve for me! Love you, Kelly Beth

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