Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Making a List....Giving it Twice!

So on this first day of December, I am very much in the spirit of Giving! I did some Christmas shopping today, and of course I reference my handy shopping list several times. I love, Love, LOVE a list! Don't you? So since I know you all agree I am going to share this super cheap & cute idea for you very own homemade shopping list pads. AND....because I feel like giving gifts today, I am going to give the two examples I made away also:)

But first, how to make this little guys encase you want to make some as gifts or if you are like me and go through list pads weekly;)  All you will really need to start these is small legal pads (that you can have the office store cut in half for you), sturdy scrapbook paper, embellishment, adhesive of your choice, and preferable a paper cutter. However scissors will work, I am just lazy:)

Start by cutting your scrapbook paper 2 & 5/8 of inch across and 3 & 1/2 inches long. Now I got kinda fancy here and used a punch to make a pattern on the edge of my paper but you can leave it straight it is still very cute. I then measured up about 1 & 1/4 inches and scored a 1/4 inch space that will fit the top of the pad. This just makes it lay nice, you don't have to score. You can glue down your paper to the back and fold over the front with almost the same effect.

After you have scored/ folded you paper attach to list pad with preferred adhesive and then embellish with Ribbon, Buttons, Stickers, Etc. I think the adorable little paper flowers my sister Clare makes would be super cute, but I haven't had the patience to try any. And that my friends is IT! In like 3 minutes you have cutesy, personalized shopping pads.

This is the one I made for the blog, I will call this one "Country Christmas".
And this one below is one I made cause I am enamored with the colors Black, White,& Red this season. SO I am calling this one "Contempo Christmas"
If you want to get one of these guys in the giveaway, just leave a comment telling me which one you prefer and how awesome it is that these are so quick and cheap;) I will randomly select 2 people on Friday and mail the list pads out this weekend! Merry Christmas & Happy Shopping:)


Clare said...

I want thr "country Christmas" one! Super cute- must make some soon! Who knew they would cut up legal pads for you- is it expensive? Because I know legal pads are cheap!

Lisa Dawn said...

I would take either one! Both are adorable! Eek! A giveaway I love it! I should make these for my two female professors, they would be fun little happys. Thanks for the cute craft, I hope I win!

Lisa said...

Blogger ate my first comment so I will try again!
I am glad to know all of you crafty people. I think the note pads are absolutely adorable, but I especially liked the creativity in the title of the blog. What a cute title! I also liked reading Lisa Dawn's eek comment. Thank you for adding a little Christmas fun and spirit for all of us to enjoy. You are full of talent. Love you, MOM

Rachel said...

Both are totally adorable and what a GREAT way to solicit comments :) I'm jealous!!! I saw this idea somewhere else, but of course theirs weren't nearly as cute as yours. Super cute and easy.

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