Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A cup of comfort and joy!

Today's gifty is probably the most complicated idea I will do all week. However I was determine to conquer it so here is my attempt:

 It's a reusable cup sleeve! I actually have wanted to try these for a while now, and now that I have figured them out I have made like 6!
I used the tutorial found here as a basic guide Reusable Coffee Sleeve. However I modified it by making my pattern larger and lining my regular fabric with felt for durablity and thickness. If you use flannel this isn't neccassary.
So first I took a disposable sleeve and made a pattern on some cardstock and added a generous 1/4 inch for seam allowance.
I then traced around the pattern on my fabric and cut out.

If you are lining with felt this is where you would trace around the disposable sleeve directly onto your felt and cut out. You want your felt to be slightly smaller than your fabric, this is why you use the paper sleeve. Place your fabric with right sides facing together and sew as directed in the tutorial above.
Turn you sleeve right side out and finish with a top stitch. This is actually the most complicated part, but once you get the hang of it it isn't so bad. 

And TaDa! You have an adorable, washable, reusable coffee sleeve to tuck in your purse for all those Starbucks runs:) This also makes a fabulous gift! Which is why I am offering 1 commenter their choice of either sleeve below and a $5 dollar gift card! Just leave a comment telling me which sleeve you prefer. 

Disclaimer: If you sew on a regular basis or well, you may not want to enter the drawing! I am by no means professional level and there are plenty of flaws, however I thought the giftcard might balances that out;)


Rachel said...

So cute. I love the idea, and the outcome :)

Clare said...

I want the lime and cream one NOW!!! What a fun idea. I don't get too much from Starbuck's, but I treated myself to one in Target the other day and was dismayed to find they did not offer me a sleeve- and the coffee was hot! This is so cool!

Lisa said...

OK, why does my comment always follow a "cute one" like Clare's where she said the coffee was hot, but your idea is so cool! Good play on words, Clare.

Robyn, I am overwhelmed by your craftiness. You have always been quite creative and had an eye for color and style. Great job with your blog and fun giveaways!

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