Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gwenny @ 5 Months!

I could lie and say I am going to get these post up on time one day...

I know I say it every month, but I can't believe how fast it goes! This sweet little person, who is developing such a personality has been with us only 5 short months. Yet I can't imagine life without her!
This month had lots of fun stuff in it, and some not so fun sad stuff. Here is the run down....
In your 5th full month of life (Feb 5th-Mar 5th) you:
Got your first balloon, which you quickly fell in love with and did NOT want to give up!
Started rolling over! You roll from your tummy to your back the most, but you can also go from your back to your belly.

Your first Valentine Day. Which of course included a cupcake shaped helium balloon:)
Your very first solid food of any kind! Baby MumMums. You weren't sure about them at first but quickly decided you like them, and will grunt and let us know if you drop it!

Your first family pictures. Which you were NOT very good for. However you had a really good reason. Once we got home from pics, you got really sick for the first time. It was SO sad, and mommy was really upset about it. You kept vomiting, and were so listless, and then you started to dry heave and I thought my mommy heart would break. Thankfully you were only violently ill for about 6 hours, and then you were able to keep some breastmilk down and seem to mend quickly!

The sad part of this month...Daddy deployed to Afghanistan for the next year. It was so bittersweet to see you up next to his assault pack and realize how much more he must want to take you! We skype with Daddy on the computer as much as possible, and mommy tries to take lots of pictures of all the fun things you are doing since he left, but we all know it is not the same...

 Gilly got to give you a bath for the first time all by herself! She was super excited about it, and of course you were happy because you had a washcloth to suck on!;)

SO last month it was the hands. This month DEFINITELY your feet!! You can't get enough of them. If you are fussy sometimes we just pull off your socks and you are instantly distracted:)
My first attempt to post a video. I really wanted to remember your "growling phase". It only lasted about 2 weeks, but it was SO cute, and everyone loved it:) Sorry if you get sea sick watching, hard to video one handed...

And here are so memory worthy photos but not necessarily "firsts" or milestones:
Your beloved "Jumperoo" that I mentioned last month and actually found a picture of!

Daddy teaching you to drive. You already think you are big stuff. ( I know she doesn't have a bow on! It almost killed me to post this pic. I am guessing she pulled it off in her carseat:/)

Oh those eyes...I melt a little just looking at this pic.

You are cozied up and ready for one of our many shopping trips! 

One day I won't remember how small your fingers were, but here is proof that it really is the little things in life.

You look so chubby and goofy in this pic, and I love how you are clasping your hands together.

Ok here are the stats:
  • You are weighing in at 13 lbs 4 oz at home this month
  • You are finally in a size 2 diaper but have plenty of room to grow.
  • Wearing all 3-6 months clothes now.
  • Talking, laughing and growling this month!
  • Rolling from belly to back mostly but occasionally the opposite direction
  • Still a champion nurser, mom is hoping to get you take a bottle occasionally but you won't have anything to do with it:/
  • Napping is NOT your thing! You take 3-4 cat naps a day. However most nights you go to bed around 8 and although you nurse in the night, you won't get up for the day till around 8 the next morning.
Such a little person now! I know that you will only get to seem like more of one from here on out. My squishy little newborn is just a memory already. You are so fun though that it is a pretty good trade off:)

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Rachel said...

Your whole family is so precious. I SOOOOO wish you didn't live so far away, but I know you have to go where the Army sends you :(

Thank you for giving us glimpses into your daily lives. The kids are growing and changing so fast, I can barely keep up, so the pictures are worth a thousand words. Love you all!

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