Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gwen @ 3 Months

So do you like the consistancy with which I blog!?!
I figure it is like weight loss, you just jump back on like  you never stopped.

So here is an update on our newest family member.

Litte Miss Gwendalyn is 3 whole months old! I know all the moms say it, but honestly it just goes TO fast:(
This is photo dump of her 3rd month and a few stats.

 The standard 3 month onesie shots. A serious one that shows how big and lean you are to me at times, and a silly one, that shows how chunky and fun you are!

3 months brought lots of first for you...

Your very first Christmas. Which overall you weren't to enthused over:/

Your first Snow! 
We went to visit Memaw & Papaw in Illinois for New Years and you got to experience Snow:)

And then just to share some of your baby goodness... Some of my favorite shots from this month.

Don't you just want to eat those little toes!

Here are a few stats. These are mostly for me. I am old and one day this may be the only way to remember this stuff, since finding time to fill in a baby book is laughable...

  • You fit perfectly in 0-3 month clothes this last month:)
  • You really started to smile and engage people, and even occasionally laugh.
  • Right before Christmas you started "talking" to us, and now you do it LOTS!!!
  • You are wearing size 1 pampers still, but I am thinking that won't last much longer.
  • The playmat on the floor is one of the very few activites you enjoy (you really only like being held!). However tummy time is still a no-go.
  • You weighed in at 11 pounds and 2 ozs according to our scale at home.
  • You still nurse fairly often (like every 2 and half hours or so.) Yet you sleep fairly long stretches at night, sometimes going 6 or more hours. Nothing is predictable though...
  • Your buddy (pacifer) is one of your faves, but you have discovered your hand and like it alot too!
  • We let you watch Baby Einstein in the van, and now riding in the car is one of your favorite activites;)
Hopefully I will back track and do months 1 & 2 here soon, but no promises...

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Love it! You won't be sorry that you did this.:) She is so precious...

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