Monday, October 22, 2012

Please Excuse the Long Absence...I have been working on something really CUTE!!!

I know I have been gone from blogland WAY to long! But hopefully you will forgive me when you see what I have been up to.

Please meet the newest member of our family!
Gwendalyn Clare 
October 5th 2012
10:03 am
7lb 4oz
21 inches

We are loving every moment of this! Trying to soak it all in. However I don't expect to spend much time on the blog in the next month or so, cause we are also trying to move in the first of November! So bear with me, I promise I will be back and hopefully with lots of fun stuff:)


Clare said...

Aww, she's so cute! And even moreso in person!;) So glad I got to experience her sweetness firsthand.

Rachel said...

Absolutely precious. Can't wait to meet her in person, but so grateful for all the photos!

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