Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gwen's faves 3 months

Gwen's faves 3 months

So these are a few things we have realized we can't live without in the last month...
From top right going clockwise and ending in middle.

  1. I mentioned in my last post how you can now endure riding in the car thanks to Baby Einstein DVDs! Baby Noah is by far your favorite and produces the most noise from you:)
  2. You are NOT a big fan of tummy time, however you do love to lay on your Sassy playmat and eat the red bird in the long as you are on your back!
  3. SWADDLEME!!! I wish I had know about these sooner:( You are a big time arm flinger, and you had trouble settling down unless you were swaddled. However you were quite the swaddle ninja no matter how tight I bundled you! We invested in one of these babies, and OH MY word! You and I both love it. You still poke your hands out from time to time, but you start settling down every night as soon as I wrap you in this. It's kinda like it has magical sleepy powers;) We only own the one but I will be investing in more as soon as we head to Babies R Us again.
  4. You truly are our Baby Bee:) You broke out soon after you were born, and then developed eczema. I tried all kinds of lotions and bath gel but they all seem to make it worse. I eventually tried Burt's Bees (kind spendy so I had put it off) and you started clearing up within days! We now use the whole line, cause turns out that even other butt creams make your tiny buns break out! 
  5. And last but not least, the newest member to your faves line up...the BUMBO. We love to see you sit and smile in this thing. In fact it has proved so useful we bought another one so we can have one upstairs and down! You seem like such a tiny "big" girl sitting up in it! See pic below for proof:)

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