Saturday, January 10, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Well Folks I finally made it home and hope to manage to stay here for more than two weeks this time:)

No really I loved seeing everyone, and I know that keeping busy was the only way I made it through the holidays without Steve, however I truly am content to be home. The kids are a little lost without so many people and so much activity, but I am sure that soon enough we will fall back into routine. I have been really yucky sick with sinus junk and such, so I haven't quite got back into my groove yet. On top of that I had like 4 appts my first week home, and then car issues! However all that chaos serves to remind me that there really is no such thing as routine or normal.I am expecting company already tomorrow, so I am sure that next week will prove to be a little busier than usual. But all these distractions and dates to look forward to allow the time to speed by somewhat faster as I count the days.

My Birthday is this week, and I both look forward to it and dread it. Not just because I am getting older, but because birthdays in our family are the most special day of the year. And I had finally "trained" Steve in almost all our traditions and he won't be here to help make it special. In fact that night I have a mandatory Town Hall meeting to attend, how un-birthdayish is that? Oh well next years is a big one for me, so hopefully Steve will be home to make much to do about it:)


Rachel said...

Welcome home! I don't think you're in jeopardy of violating your strict 'one blog entry per day' rule. I think your last post was a month ago!?! I'm glad to see you online again and can't wait to keep up!!!

Lisa said...

What do you mean, "Did I see your blog?" I hardly even remembered you had a blog, it has been so long! I am glad you are back so I can bug you by phone and by blogland. Love Ya, MOM

Clare said...

Love the clocks! I, too, am glad to return home-although I would be glad to forgo the mess I brought with me! I hope you are not too comfortable, I need you to come see me! Josie is really missing her "Giddyan and Gillian" (Gillyan and Gideyon!) so you better come!:)

Inspired 2 Smile said...

Happy Birthday!

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